Where do the errors in creating a chatbot come from


In 2017, the SATBots AI failure rate was 70%.

Likewise, industry estimates indicate that one in seven conversations are with a chatbot

He is eventually directed to a customer service employee and one in eight is abandoned altogether.

One of the problems behind this lack of limitations in bot capabilities is the inconsistency of the data fed into the bot.

Here is where the problems can be avoided with the bot!

Enterprise information structures are known for carrying contradictory information between different departments within an organization.

The chatbot needs to integrate the information and data structure across the various departments of the company.

For example, if an update on the address of a customer arrives for the sales team to send his order, the order and data are connected to the similar field in the database of the logistics management system, this echo of entering data throughout the entire system that helps the bot learn.

This is not achieved in many institutions.

 Create a successful chatbot

Experience from many chatbots powered by AI has concluded that iPaas is the most effective solution yet.

Whether the solution is in the cloud or outsourced,

Connecting data sets within the organization enables the creation of a chatbot that contains

Patterns and predictions based on true intelligence, a more efficient system and less problematic.


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