When should a chatbot be used as a revenue channel?


The consensus of many investors and entrepreneurs is that starting to use chatbots as a way to promote either your products or other products, must start after finding what is known as Product Market Fit or the market fit for the product, and proving the need of a base of audiences.

For the product or service that you are offering.

You can then start forming a community for these users and start targeting them with your products or similar products that they are looking for.

Also, charge a fee for the product or service that you provide through the bot, you should

After analyzing what features are most popular with customers, they are considered essential

For users, and what are the complementary features of your service.

Charging a fee for the essential features of your service, which is the main factor in attracting a customer

Totally counterproductive to your customer growth rate, customers are looking for a free service provider for you.

When I launched the Google App Store, everyone thought that the paid apps would be the way developers could make money.

What actually happened is that in-app purchases became the way users prefer to spend their money.

The point is, this industry is very young and we are still exploring the strategies to make money with it properly.

Not only will chatbots become a vehicle for generating revenue in the future, they will also take a part

Significant volume of e-commerce and entertainment sites’ businesses.

Many investors see chatbots if used correctly

On the corporate side, they can offer powerful examples of how new societies and markets are formed

To create profits, and perhaps several systems with the size of Slack, for example.


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