Top 9 sites for creating temporary e-mails:


Temporary mail is a mail whose validity expires one hour after its creation. During the hour, you can receive e-mail messages on the temporary mail that you have created, as if they had arrived in your private mail.

During this hour, the mail you have created is private and only you can use it.

1. temp-mail

Temp Mail site is among the best sites that give you a temporary professional email, just as Temp Mail is easy to use and fast, you just enter the site and then copy the email and register with it in any site, then you return to the Temp Mail website and you click on the page refresh and it will You see the activation message or any message that you received

2. moakt

 What do we mean by temporary mail service is a mail that expires after an hour of the establishment period where you can receive mail messages on the temporary mail that you have created and you receive them on your private mail and during this period the mail that you have created is your own and no one can use it except you, and the length of the mail can also be extended Timer as needed via the extension button provided by the site.

What is the benefit of temporary mail? You can use it to activate your accounts on forums, social media and download sites that compel you to register before downloading.

Or wherever you feel it is not necessary to put your (real) mail.

3. yopmail

Put a name you want in the search box

Register at the site you want and put the name you put in the search box + title validate the message on the YopMail site

You verify the message on YopMail

Enjoy the site that you were logging in to, without getting tired in creating an email, and if you decide to register it later with your email, you can certainly

4. maildrop

Make your email address

No subscription required – MailRob is free for anyone to use when you need an available express email address

5. en.getairmail

You can keep spam from your inbox

Keep your real email safe

Show HTML securely

Safely test-driving new services

Check it later

Do not waste time on signing up

6. guerrillamail

To provide temporary emails and does not differ much from the previous one

You shouldn’t give them your real email

Use temporary email

No registration needed, lasts for 60 minutes

7. mailinator

Enter the dummy mail that you want, for example “lamnycomputer”.

A temporary Inbox will open to receive messages in the temporary mail of your choice and become “[email protected]

Congratulations, you can now receive messages at [email protected]

You can enter the Inbox simply by typing the name lamnycomputer without a password or registration

This temporary mail is used to activate registration on forum sites, for example, or others that you do not want to use your personal mail due to inconvenience

8. Explanation of 10minutemail

The site gives you a 10-minute email and the site’s interest

If, for example, I am registered on a site and this site, I am registered with my email and you want to register again on the same site with a second membership, and you do not have an e-mail and operate it, you open a new e-mail, in order to settle the membership of this site.

Email for 10 minutes, and your hands will be longer

9. Mohmal

It is an e-mail whose term ends after a short period of (45) minutes, and it can be used throughout this period

It is usually used to register on sites and forums in order not to dictate your emails with site notices and advertisements

45 minutes extendable

Privacy is complete All messages will be deleted after the mail period has expired, if someone else logs in to your mail, they will not find your messages.


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