Top 5 Strategies for Creating Profit with Your Chatbot


As we enter the fourth year of the emergence of chatbots, the questions are increasing

From entrepreneurs and investors about the ways chatbots can

It generates more profits for their companies, and how to turn it into a sustainable sales channel.

Over the past four years, many methods have proven very effective in converting a chatbot into a selling channel, and it’s still evolving.

In this article, we cover the most important tactics for increasing revenue through chatbots.

1- Display ads

Show ads through a bot is perhaps the first method companies have used to generate revenue with their bots.

Chatbot users are a true audience for the products you offer, and what they target

Advertisements for products related to their interests can be very effective in increasing click rates.

The bot has a lot of personal information that could contribute to more ads

Personal promotions that improve conversion rates.

2- Ads on content

There is a feature Facebook included two years ago for web links, and that’s Instant Articles.

Enabling this feature allows the user to read the content of the article or piece of existing content

On your website, without the need to go to an external link, that is, it can read the content from within Facebook.

Companies can post this type of content via their BOT, and take advantage of the advertising revenue on the content.

3- Market Analytics

Chatbots can collect a large amount of data from users.

By engaging in a conversation or playing a game, bots can learn about a user’s preferences and interests.

An example of data collection is the Swelly bot. Swelly lets users play a game of choosing between two options.

Once users choose an option, they are rewarded with showing results of their preferences and whether they are with

The opinion of the vast majority of the tested sample or have a different opinion and personality.

Now imagine you are a fast food brand, for example, and you want to know which

The type of meal your target customers will prefer, or the type of fast food images they may find more attractive.

This kind of bot will be a goldmine of your search.

By gathering this kind of audience preference, the Swelly bot can generate a detailed report in a very fast and accurate way.

4- Percentage of recommendations

A chatbot can build a good relationship with the user through daily conversations.

The bot can assist the user in deciding what to buy and make suggestions

To obtain the product or service, if the bot does not provide that service.

A good example of this model in robotics is the Kip bot. The Kip bot, available on Slack, Messenger, Kik and Telegram is a shopping assistant that helps you

Find what you want to buy and then refer you to the online store that can fulfill the order.

5- Expanding the scope of the service provided

Similar to smart phone applications, the expansion of service provision offered by companies

Through chatbots to other platforms to attract a larger audience, it is a popular pattern

Great for companies that already have active offers and want to expand these offerings to include a larger audience.

Trello Corporation Paid Service Provides Task and Project Management. Note that

Too many of its clients use Slack as a way to communicate, Trello decided to extend its services

To this platform and provide options to perform many operations from within the Slack BOT chat window.


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