Tik Tok app and the story of the rapid rise of the latest social media applications!


There are many social media applications that appear and disappear every day, but every period of time appears an application that surprises everyone with its unexpected rise, even if one of the platforms believed that it had acquired the entire market for itself, while we still use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but there is a competitor Something new has surfaced, and due to the Corona virus pandemic, everyone has caught their attention.

The TikTok app is a social networking app that allows users to post short videos, music, talent videos or comedies. The story of TikTok and its rise is an interesting snapshot that expresses the ever-increasing thirst for video content and the ability of different youth to communicate across the world.

TikTok has about 524 million active users worldwide, while in China – where it is known as Duoyin – it has more than 250 million users per day, here in this article we will take a look at the story of the rise of TikTok as one of the fastest communication applications Social appearances on the scene.

What is the TikTok app?

It is a social networking application that relies on publishing videos of up to 15 seconds and you can combine 4 separate videos of up to 60 seconds, through the application you can put different filters on the audio or modify videos and their effects, and you can also apply lip matching with music in the background of the video To match the lips of the person shown.

The application downloaded more than a billion times to date in more than 154 countries around the world, and the number of views on the application reaches more than 17 billion views per month.

The merger and the beginning of the climb

Musical.ly was the app on which Tik Tok was built, Musical.ly was founded in 2014 and the app was achieving a steady set of monthly download numbers and constantly increasing, and on July 6, 2015, Musical.ly reached number one in the iTune store, and it Download numbers and interaction exploded overnight.

Bytedance is one of the Chinese giants that owns many social and news apps in China, and this company captured everyone’s attention in 2016 specifically.

The app was purchased in a billion dollar deal and was incorporated into one of the company’s applications with its technology and its subscribers under the name Douyin which is one of the company’s applications spread inside China, after it was launched on the global stores under the name Tik Tok in 2017, then the application began to appear in a large way in Japan Thailand and many Asian countries.

What are the reasons TikTok invaded the world like this?

Merging with musical.ly:

Merging the application with Musical.ly had the biggest reason for spreading Tik Tok especially that its idea is distinctive and its goal is to direct creativity in the content from one person to another so that everyone on the application can create their own community, after merging and closing Musical.ly subscribers tried to search for similar applications to complete their journey As influencers out of Facebook, meanwhile Tik Tok appeared, so around this time TikTok started appearing to announce itself again and attracting more followers.

Videos are the most powerful content:

The number of people who use smartphones around the world is increasing day by day, and videos have become the preferred type of content for consumers and users of these phones, and TikTok is one of the applications that gives us a glimpse into the future of social media, and its increasing global adoption makes it an arena Ideal for influencer marketing.

Many different age ages flock to use the app in pursuit of fame and to form communities that are more interested in the content they provide, so you find mass migrations from large communication platforms to other applications that bring them together better.

The idea of ​​challenge in the videos is a genius idea, it plays on the love of humans to challenge and show all skills, which means that the application will bring together all those with skills in societies that make them closer.


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