The 2 best platforms to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, globally and in the Arab world


Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the Arab and international market have a growing interest in chatbot technology.

Interest imposed by the volume of those interacting with technology and those who accept the idea of ​​its existence, who numbered through Facebook Messenger about 1.2 billion interactors per month, as the platforms that provide the service of creating chatbots through programmed and pre-prepared templates provide the ability to create automatic and interactive conversations that answer customer requests and inquiries in a way. immediately.

In addition, the ability to integrate your chatbot on several interactive platforms such as chat applications, electronic payment applications and your website.

In short, chatbots are now the fastest, most efficient and least expensive way to reach a customer wherever they are.

But the important question for business owners is how to evaluate the platforms that provide the service of ready-made chatbots templates in terms of features and capabilities and determine the choice that suits your needs.

In this report, we give you a detailed look at the features of the 4 most important Arab and international platforms that provide the service, namely Egyptian Widebot and Botme, Manychat and Chatfuel of the United States, so that you can evaluate each platform in a way that suits your business needs.


1- Subscription pricing

Chatfuel gives its users a free service for the various templates provided by Chatbot templates until reaching 5000 subscribers through the bot, with the ability to build a complete bot without a specific number of departments or platforms that you want to integrate with.

Having a specific number for subscribers during the free usage period, Chatfuel makes it a convenient option if your user base is small.

2- Templates

Chatfuel has more than 75 various templates for different industries compared to only 6 that Manchat provides.

The purposes that Chatfuel templates serve are varied from e-commerce, to customer service, restaurant bots, and more.

Most of these templates allow to serve different areas of companies’ work.

Plus all Chatfuel templates are available for free.

Chatfuel templates contain helpful notes and comments while building your bot, allowing the user to learn how to complete the steps without having to watch tutorials.

 3- Payment from within the chatbot

The Chatfuel platform enables its users from the United States only to pay through Facebook, and pay through Stripe for users from countries where the Stripe banking platform services are available, and it does not include in its services the Arab region, meaning that the service is not available to users in Arab countries.

That is, Arabic e-commerce platforms may find it difficult to use templates

Chatfuel is for this purpose as you need to have a US or European bank account in order to receive the service and create an account on Stripe.

4- Integration with other platforms

Chatfuel templates have integration with the same platforms but with more controls.

Including that the integration between the bot and your WordPress site enables you to display the content or products of the site to bot users, but at a maximum rate of 100 pieces per day.

Also, the integration provided by the platform with YouTube, Instagram and Google allows interactive content from these platforms to be displayed, but integration with any other platform needs to be modified in the program’s programming interface, i.e. it needs to be modified in the codes.

5- Analytics

The reports provided by Chatfuel are simplified and useful for its customers who want to track the number of clicks and interactions that take place through the bot, as the data display panel for Chatfuel templates allows analysis of simple data and easy-to-understand graphs that track links, most clicked buttons, open and conversion rates, total number of users, subscribers, and those who canceled Subscribe, but in the event that the user wants to get bigger and more accurate analyzes, he may need an external analysis platform, which is one of the platform’s weaknesses.

6- The items inside the bot

Chatfuel offers options to send photos, audio clips, videos, your website content, photo albums in square sizes, and CTA buttons with the ability to delay responses up to 20 seconds to give the conversation and responses a realistic feel, but the option to use Emojis is not yet available.


1- Subscription pricing

Manychat gives customers on the free service to interact with an unlimited number of users on the bot, but with fewer benefits than the service provided by Chatfuel.

After exceeding the number of subscribers, the prices for the paid service in Manychat range according to the number of users allowed, and the same goes for Chatfuel

2- Templates

Manychat only has 6 templates ready.

It provides its users with how-to videos that help them build their own bot using

Templates easily, which is what gives the user the information in a practical way that even the platform allows

Users create templates with their names and put them up for sale, and Manychat helps this

Premium template services are provided for a fee and not for free, unlike Chatfuel which allows

All templates are free.

Manychat’s biggest problem remains that it only has 6 templates available, which is why it has to

Lots of people build their own Customized Templates and take advantage of

Sellable, which makes Chatfuel the best choice for beginners.

3- Payment from within the chatbot

Manychat offers the ability to pay and buy products from within the bot.

But Manychat provides payment to all users, unlike Chatfuel enables

Users from within Facebook are only for US users, and pay through

Stripe is for users from countries where the Stripe banking platform services are available, and it does not include the Arab region in its services.

4- Integration with other platforms

Manychat’s templates provide integration with your website and your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

In addition to the Zapier platform, which enables integration with your CRM and Google

Sheets, Email, and WordPress, which allows notifications to be shared between

Your accounts on various platforms and between bots and also send notifications to bot users

In the event of a new occurrence on your various accounts and automatically, which allows the content

Your spread is greater.

 5- Analytics

Manychat has the same problem as Chatfuel is that in the event that a user needs more detailed and accurate analyzes of activity on their bot and verification of conversion rates, they need to outsource.


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