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How do crypto trading bots work? Will it succeed in replacing the human in the near future?


In recent years, the digital currency market has witnessed significant growth with the emergence of many new currencies and the great multiplication that bitcoin has experienced, and with the beginning of 2018 the total market value exceeded the $ 500 billion barrier until it decreased significantly thereafter within a few months. As a result of these events, many investors began to go towards this market in the hope of achieving profits through various trading operations.

Artificial intelligence techniques helped create a new concept in the world of trading, due to the spread of the so-called Trading Bots that were developed to carry out various trading operations on behalf of the investor, and, as with any technology of this kind, it has received approval and encouragement from some Others because of the sensitivity and importance of this field, in this article we will answer the most important questions about Trading Bots and how they work and whether they should be trusted so continue with us.

What are Trading Bots and what distinguishes them?

The term Trading Bots is referred to as any software that relies on specific indicators and data to form a picture of the market situation and executes trading operations automatically based on them and on behalf of the investor, as it is used to trade and rely entirely or partially in many different markets such as the currency market Stocks and commodities as well, and for digital currencies there are many bots special for trading on its market as well.

While many of the well-known trading markets usually fluctuate in simple proportions during the day, the cryptocurrency market is famous for its permanent fluctuations, which can incur a lot of losses if investors are not present all the time to act when necessary, and here the importance of trading bots comes as being active on Around the clock and therefore it is able to carry out trading operations when needed on behalf of the investor if he is not present to do so.

Today there are some simple Trading Bots that can be used for free, but other professional types come with very high fees at times, depending on the features they offer, as they may include features that allow them to analyze the market better or perform several trades. In a short time as well, thus it is of great importance to daily traders more than others.

How do Trading Bots work?

Regular Trading Bots usually work by relying on simple and fixed algorithms that are developed by the developers, and therefore their effectiveness depends on the developer’s experience and his knowledge of the digital currency market and its permanent movements, and as a result some of these bots may be inappropriate for professional traders who have their own view. For the market and how to trade within it, as it is not able to analyze the market effectively unless it is linked with a professional trader, otherwise you will have to take some additional steps related to monitoring the market to obtain good results.

When it comes to selling digital currencies, it is possible to set bots to carry out trading operations until they achieve certain profits, or for example to limit losses by setting a certain limit for the bot to stop trading if it is reached, some trading bots provide other trading strategies as well Such as following up on the rise of the currency and refraining from selling until it begins to decline suddenly under a certain limit, whereby the sale is executed to reduce the potential losses associated with the continuing value of the currency falling.

Trading Bots suffer from their inefficiency in some respects as well, as many sudden market movements are often the result of various news and reports, or the result of one of the influencers on communication platforms publishing a specific publication or expressing an unusual opinion, for example, and with the difficulty of tracking and analyzing these news The process is more difficult to implement for bots.

Can the crypto bots be trusted?

In general, Trading Bots are an appropriate option even for professional traders, but in the end, human intervention is necessary to obtain the best results and achieve more profits, as relying on Trading Bots in full is still an inappropriate idea today. However, as is the case with any other software, trading bots are subject to some programming problems that may lead to errors or to the bot completely stopping work, for example.

It is important to choose trading bots with credibility or a good reputation in this field, and even though they must be on constant caution from them, some fraud occurred in the past as a result of the use of bots that were found to be designed to deceive even though they were considered reliable before, as investors lost At that time the authority to access their money and assets was valid and they were unable to withdraw it.

In the event that you are seeking passive income, i.e. making profits without having to physically and permanently be present in the investment department, Trading Bots will not be able to secure that, as they still need human intervention to allocate them and apply the appropriate strategies or Until its performance is checked every period, but in the end, the risks of trading by mistake will be less when using the bot compared to trading operations in the traditional way.

How has the fashion industry changed recently? Is technology the only solution to maintain the industry today?


Designer Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld says technology interferes with everything in the world whether you like it or not because it in one way or another changes the world. This is what technology does with a rapidly spreading Coronavirus pandemic.

The fashion industry that results in famous and unpopular fashion shows is like all other industries that have been affected by the spread of the virus, especially since fashion shows gather hundreds, in addition to fashion models and workers in this field, we do not deny that many fashion shows have already been canceled, but some The other refused to give up, and many other methods were created using technology and the Internet, as we will mention in this report later.

Technology and fashion

Machines are already used in the fashion industry at different stages and in different forms, and e-commerce has become an essential part of the way clothes are sold as they are to sell all other purposes, and we should not forget to talk about the ways of marketing clothes and fashion on social networking sites and the competition between brands to get On the customer satisfaction by her path.

So why is it so uncommon or undesirable for many designers and performers to use technology to change the style of fashion shows?

Not the first time!

Before the pandemic spread, before 2019 and 2020, of course, no one in the industry had to use technology to present innovative fashion shows to showcase their business.


In the fall of 1998 it was the first fashion show to be recorded on electronic cylindrical and transmitted over the Internet by Australian fashion designer Helmut Lang Helmut Lang, the designer says he found that the use of the Internet is growing in the world more than anyone imagined, so he tried to add some challenge to his work , And do it online for the first time.

Fashion shows used technology in 1998 for the first time


Of course, many designers were not open to such ideas that were new at that time, however in the summer of 2000 the first e-commerce site specializing in clothing and fashion was launched, in addition to the designers’ fear of change, they also fear that their designs may be stolen or Copy them one way or another, and this is what the Internet achieves by making all fashion and clothing open to everyone and also available to everyone.

Imagine those designers who were afraid to steal their designs are now posting them on social media, it’s really ironic.


In the fall of 2006, designer McQueen made a surprise that no one expected in his group’s fashion show, as designers used to put their masterpieces from each group at the end with the appearance of the designer himself, but he did not do so, but he showed his masterpieces by using the hologram technique amid the applause and amazement of everyone. .

The use of technology in fashion shows and the use of holograms

Spring of 2010

It was the year that witnessed a different shift in the world of fashion shows when McCoyne and Nick Knight collaborated in showing the fashion show and launching a live broadcast on the Internet. This show was not normal and was not just a live broadcast on the Internet, but 3D cameras and mobile robots were used to photograph Models are on the walkway and transported as desired by online designers in the best possible way.


In the fall of 2014, drones were used to provide live broadcasts on the Internet of the fashion displayed on the Fendi website.

All of the above tells us that the fashion industry has already changed by using various and varied techniques such as 3D printing to prepare some pieces or design clothes using LED lights. He also posted models of selfies and their clothing on social media while walking on the aisle, Runway, and other ways of fashion designers to use technology to show off their performances dazzlingly

Many design companies also use different methods of data analysis to produce distinctive pieces of clothing through which they can get more admiration and more sales of course, and despite all of the above you find that some design events and homes refuse to use technology to overcome stone barriers Health due to corona virus.

Can OnePlus 8 Pro penetrate clothing and see through it?


A number of users of the OnePlus 8 Pro recently released by One Plus were surprised by its super camera that can see through some black materials such as clothes and plastic through a new infrared sensor to improve night image performance and add a new color layer to get better pictures, so how this technology works ? Are they really X-Ray or are they just a color filter? Doesn’t this feature violate our privacy and should be turned off by the manufacturer? Or is the issue normal and amplified in technical circles exaggerated for profitable purposes?

How did the problem start and who discovered it?

Ben Geskin was the first person to discover this feature and tweeted on a short video showing the Apple TV device under the filter, to show the internal components strange, to begin comments and similar videos spread madly on social media, most notably a clip on a channel Unbox Therapy, in which he displayed some black controllers and their internal components, and displayed the ability to see through the black fabric.

You can try the new technology on your own by getting the OnePlus 8 Pro phone and opening the default camera application and then dragging to the side to access the color filter called PhotoChrom, but you will be surprised that the phone does not have super power, but it really can see through some black thin plastic and light black clothes.

The correct interpretation of seeing through clothes

The company refused to comment on the accusations that it received regarding the topic or give a practical explanation of how this supernatural phenomenon occurred, but the process is done with the help of an infrared sensor and can see details that the human eye cannot notice, and to help you more in understanding the topic, try directing your phone’s camera to the ray lamp Infrared in the head of the remote control and you will notice that the light is already pulsating with a red light, the subject is similar to this process, but the new sensor is more sophisticated and accurate so that it can capture the radiation that passes through some of the black materials, and it is separate from the remaining three cameras and works with 5 megapixels only .

The nature and uses of infrared radiation

Infrared is one of the radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls under the visible light of the human eye, and it is sometimes called heat radiation, but we often do not think about it but we feel it every day because half of the energy reaches the earth through infrared waves emitted from the sun traveling through space Outer.

There are a large number of applications that use infrared sensors, such as the doors that open automatically when we pass in front of them, or night vision cameras that can see in complete darkness and thermal cameras, and infrared can traverse some of the delicate materials and pass through them to reflect the visible light that distinguishes our eyes , And some devices can see through wooden doors and thin walls, such as firefighters use to see the fire and smoke inside the buildings before they enter.

Was OnePlus the first to use this technology?

Oneplus was not the first company to use infrared sensors, as the technology is already present in phones with what is called Depth Sensors, but the images resulting from these sensors can not be viewed separately unless the phone is broken, and all facial recognition techniques that Operating in the dark has an infrared source with a sensor next to it, i.e. an infrared camera like the one we’re talking about today.

The new feature is very fun at first sight, but later you’ll discover that your captured images are poor and will get bored minutes after using the filter and return to using other lenses.

OnePlus faces charges and says the solution is coming

Speaking of privacy, OnePlus will definitely face a broad criticism of the possibility of seeing through thin black clothes despite the limited types, the fabric is woven fibers that the rays can penetrate, and sometimes it can be seen through the clothes with the naked eye, which means that the OnePlus problem is real and may bring Legal implications later, as reported by most of the technical sites and YouTube channels, charges that Sony faced in the 1990s when it launched a camera to shoot video with a night vision feature that can see through clothing, and was subsequently forced to withdraw all cameras from the market.

European automakers are trying to keep up with Tesla with faster chargers


The largest car manufacturers in Europe mobilized their full strength and expert skills in the old continent to build a network of high-speed charging stations for electric cars, as they seek to drive the demand for this type of car and break the dominance of the American company Tesla.

According to Reuters, “BMW”, “Volkswagen”, “Ford and Daimler” companies are planning to build four hundred of the next generation electric charging stations in Europe, which can charge an electric car in minutes instead of hours.

The long time it takes to charge electric car batteries is one of the biggest disadvantages of these cars, compared to conventional cars that can be filled with fuel within seconds.

Currently, electric vehicle drivers must leave their vehicles attached to the charger for several hours at the charging station during an intercity trip, which makes many long trips impractical.

The installation of new faster chargers will stimulate the market in general, and helps traditional car manufacturers close the gap with Tesla, which leads the electric car market and has a network of its own charging stations, and its chargers are the fastest in the industry today but are not compatible with the electric cars of competitors.

Reuters quoted people familiar with the fact that auto manufacturers are attracting experts from energy companies and the European engineering industry, including the German “Energy”, “Eon”, “Siemens”, and Portuguese “Evesys”, all of which are developing this technology.

The new 350-kilowatt chargers will be about three times more powerful than Tesla’s chargers.

A spokesman for Ford – on behalf of the coalition of European carmakers mentioned – said that talks had begun with potential partners, adding that he expected many energy suppliers to join the planned network, without providing further details.

It is reported that Tesla CEO hinted that his company will not be overpowered, and Elon Musk added in a tweet on his Twitter account that the 350-kilowatt chargers are a “children’s game.”

Make money from Dailymotion, a YouTube alternative:


Are you still looking for ways to make money for free?

Do you want to learn how to earn money from uploading videos? Do you use the YouTube platform to profit from Adsense ads? Do you want a YouTube alternative for making money?

All of these questions and more, we will learn about it through today’s article, in which we will learn about the alternative to the YouTube video sharing platform, through the platform and the alternative site on YouTube, so what is this site? How is it possible to register in it?

Dailymotion explanation:

Delimitation is a video sharing website that allows you and other users to upload, watch, and share videos free of charge, just as in the YouTube platform.

In the year 2012, the site ranked 31st for the most visited websites in the world, as the number of traffic to the site in this world reached more than 116 million visitors per month.

He established, in effect, on 3/15/2005, and from the date of the one who discovers that the site was born around the same time that the YouTube star was dispatched, but it was fate that the YouTube platform reach the international level and forget this site on its account.

Dailymotion Delimitation YouTube alternative

What we want to say is goodbye to Google’s monopoly of uploading videos and making money from them. Fortunately, there are alternatives, and the most appropriate and most worthy option is Dailymotion, which you can earn money for free from, just as it is on YouTube, which allows you to make money from Adsense ads.

Please register at Dailymotion Delimitation

In the event that you are already looking for an alternative, and you want to make money from the competing site for YouTube, we can explain to you how to register on the alternative platform:

Click here. First, go to the link of the platform or the network via the Internet.

Right above, click on the Signup button.

Now let’s start filling in your data.

In the first field, the email and make sure it is correct because it will bind us.

Type your password or password.

Select your birthday.

Click on the box to confirm that you are not a robot.

Then, accept the terms and site policy by clicking on the box also.

Finally, press Sign up again.

You can save time and effort by logging in to your Facebook account, or on Google by clicking on the platform icon and completing the steps.

How to make money from Dailymotion

Now we come to the important thing, which is how to earn money from Dailymotion?

First of all, you have to post a lot of your exclusive videos on your channel, above all, to achieve a number of followers.

Open the account by typing the email and password.

Go to settings.

Right below, you will find the word “Liquify”, which is the word that means making money from the site, and it is that which interests us here.

It is essential to read the terms of service.

Click on the option to activate the monetization and then agree to the terms specific to the site.

Now you have to wait for your application.

In the end, Dailymotion is only one of many alternatives that you can use if you don’t like Google services or ways to profit from them.

But as a matter of fairness, I have not seen a company like Google today win the users as it does. Still, we do not forget the other defects that are possible to close the account at Adsense at any time without notice. Yet, recently I used the method of suspending the Adsense profits in order to limit Anger.

How to create a website and profit from it (hundreds of dollars):


Have you ever thought about how to create a website and benefit from it? Yes, creating a blog and making a profit from it is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet for beginners and professionals as well, and it is among the most popular ways that are used to make money online. Now it’s your turn. Do you really want to make money from the Internet? Do you want to create a real project online? Do you really want to create a blog and profit from it? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide you with everything you will need to earn via your website, from creating the site to profiting from it. Let me tell you that this guide is a treasure trove of information for everyone who wants to earn real money from the net. That is why I want you to focus on me well and read this article very carefully. In short, everything you will need to earn from your website will be found here on our profit website to work online. What did you decide? Are you really going to read this article to the end? If your answer is yes, congratulations to you and now all you need to do is bring a cup of hot coffee and start reading this article.

But before that you were one of the people looking for:

Quick profit

Profit from the Internet more than $ 500 without effort.

Unfortunately, this article is not for you, this is not there, and if you are searching for these things, then all you do is waste your time only. We are here to talk about working on the real Internet.

Now let me introduce you to a few steps that you must follow before creating your website.

How to create a website and profit from it:

1- Choose the correct, reliable platform to create a website

2- Choosing a proper and specific domain name, as well as hosting the site.

3- Preparing the private website (template…)

Choosing the right platform:

It is the root of your website, so we must select a robust platform because it gives our website strength and security.

Why is the WordPress platform the right platform to create and profit from your website?

Several things make WordPress the perfect choice for beginners:

Easy to install: You can install WordPress with one click of most of its hosting services, and it is free and available with many features in addition to excellent customer support.

Its community is healthy: so that whenever you encounter any problem, you can turn to the Google search engine, and you will find solutions to your questions.

Response: This platform can set many available features (you can control your site and change its appearance … without any programming experience).

Ease of use: WordPress is for all of its users due to its easy-to-use functionality and if you have no programming experience.

Create my own website:

First, what are a domain and hosting?

Domain is the domain name for your website and it is called the URL that is used to search for your website. For example, the domain name for our website is arbe7na.com.

As for hosting, which is the host, it means the server responsible for storing all the data and files related to your site. In short, to create your website, you need a domain name for your website (for example arbe7na.com) and hosting it.

As for buying a domain, you can use the namecheap site to buy it (it is the same site from which I purchase my domains monthly). It is a great site and gives you many advantages as it accepts Paypal payment. The price of the range starts from 0.99 annually. But I prefer .com domains and it only costs 9 dollars.

As for hosting, the best suitable cheap hosting to create the website, I mean building your website, you are a beginner or a professional, it is bluehost hosting, it is really excellent and it also provides you with free domain in the first year. It has been proposed by WordPress itself as one of the best WordPress hosts In the world .

You can view its review in detail (from us personally), how to buy it, its features, in addition to a discount of about 50 + gifts awaiting you by clicking here: Bluehost hosting review.

How to create a blog and profit from it:

Now that we have bought the domain and hosting, all that we need now is to create a blog for the purpose of profiting from the Internet through it is a template in addition to some things and simple modifications.

1- Installing WordPress with Bluehost Hosting:

Now that you have purchased the bluehost hosting (I will not explain how to buy because I wrote a whole article about it so I read that article and refer to this article). Now we should go to our cpanel board (it appears immediately after purchasing the hosting) and then click on the option to install WordPress in BlueHost.

After that, set the details like e-mail and password to install WordPress.

After installation, you can log in to your site by clicking Login from cpanel control panel.

2- Add a good template for your site

How do you earn money from your website?

There are many conventional ways that you can earn money through your website, and in this paragraph I will shorten the way for you so that I will introduce you to the best of these methods in order to profit from the Internet through your site.

Affiliate marketing

– Profit from ads on your site

– Sell ​​your digital products (for example, a PDF book)

– Write promotional articles

– Review the products

– Benefit from your website by selling advertising space

Top 9 sites for creating temporary e-mails:


Temporary mail is a mail whose validity expires one hour after its creation. During the hour, you can receive e-mail messages on the temporary mail that you have created, as if they had arrived in your private mail.

During this hour, the mail you have created is private and only you can use it.

1. temp-mail

Temp Mail site is among the best sites that give you a temporary professional email, just as Temp Mail is easy to use and fast, you just enter the site and then copy the email and register with it in any site, then you return to the Temp Mail website and you click on the page refresh and it will You see the activation message or any message that you received

2. moakt

 What do we mean by temporary mail service is a mail that expires after an hour of the establishment period where you can receive mail messages on the temporary mail that you have created and you receive them on your private mail and during this period the mail that you have created is your own and no one can use it except you, and the length of the mail can also be extended Timer as needed via the extension button provided by the site.

What is the benefit of temporary mail? You can use it to activate your accounts on forums, social media and download sites that compel you to register before downloading.

Or wherever you feel it is not necessary to put your (real) mail.

3. yopmail

Put a name you want in the search box

Register at the site you want and put the name you put in the search box + title validate the message on the YopMail site

You verify the message on YopMail

Enjoy the site that you were logging in to, without getting tired in creating an email, and if you decide to register it later with your email, you can certainly

4. maildrop

Make your email address

No subscription required – MailRob is free for anyone to use when you need an available express email address

5. en.getairmail

You can keep spam from your inbox

Keep your real email safe

Show HTML securely

Safely test-driving new services

Check it later

Do not waste time on signing up

6. guerrillamail

To provide temporary emails and does not differ much from the previous one

You shouldn’t give them your real email

Use temporary email

No registration needed, lasts for 60 minutes

7. mailinator

Enter the dummy mail that you want, for example “lamnycomputer”.

A temporary Inbox will open to receive messages in the temporary mail of your choice and become “[email protected]

Congratulations, you can now receive messages at [email protected]

You can enter the Inbox simply by typing the name lamnycomputer without a password or registration

This temporary mail is used to activate registration on forum sites, for example, or others that you do not want to use your personal mail due to inconvenience

8. Explanation of 10minutemail

The site gives you a 10-minute email and the site’s interest

If, for example, I am registered on a site and this site, I am registered with my email and you want to register again on the same site with a second membership, and you do not have an e-mail and operate it, you open a new e-mail, in order to settle the membership of this site.

Email for 10 minutes, and your hands will be longer

9. Mohmal

It is an e-mail whose term ends after a short period of (45) minutes, and it can be used throughout this period

It is usually used to register on sites and forums in order not to dictate your emails with site notices and advertisements

45 minutes extendable

Privacy is complete All messages will be deleted after the mail period has expired, if someone else logs in to your mail, they will not find your messages.

Tik Tok app and the story of the rapid rise of the latest social media applications!


There are many social media applications that appear and disappear every day, but every period of time appears an application that surprises everyone with its unexpected rise, even if one of the platforms believed that it had acquired the entire market for itself, while we still use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but there is a competitor Something new has surfaced, and due to the Corona virus pandemic, everyone has caught their attention.

The TikTok app is a social networking app that allows users to post short videos, music, talent videos or comedies. The story of TikTok and its rise is an interesting snapshot that expresses the ever-increasing thirst for video content and the ability of different youth to communicate across the world.

TikTok has about 524 million active users worldwide, while in China – where it is known as Duoyin – it has more than 250 million users per day, here in this article we will take a look at the story of the rise of TikTok as one of the fastest communication applications Social appearances on the scene.

What is the TikTok app?

It is a social networking application that relies on publishing videos of up to 15 seconds and you can combine 4 separate videos of up to 60 seconds, through the application you can put different filters on the audio or modify videos and their effects, and you can also apply lip matching with music in the background of the video To match the lips of the person shown.

The application downloaded more than a billion times to date in more than 154 countries around the world, and the number of views on the application reaches more than 17 billion views per month.

The merger and the beginning of the climb

Musical.ly was the app on which Tik Tok was built, Musical.ly was founded in 2014 and the app was achieving a steady set of monthly download numbers and constantly increasing, and on July 6, 2015, Musical.ly reached number one in the iTune store, and it Download numbers and interaction exploded overnight.

Bytedance is one of the Chinese giants that owns many social and news apps in China, and this company captured everyone’s attention in 2016 specifically.

The app was purchased in a billion dollar deal and was incorporated into one of the company’s applications with its technology and its subscribers under the name Douyin which is one of the company’s applications spread inside China, after it was launched on the global stores under the name Tik Tok in 2017, then the application began to appear in a large way in Japan Thailand and many Asian countries.

What are the reasons TikTok invaded the world like this?

Merging with musical.ly:

Merging the application with Musical.ly had the biggest reason for spreading Tik Tok especially that its idea is distinctive and its goal is to direct creativity in the content from one person to another so that everyone on the application can create their own community, after merging and closing Musical.ly subscribers tried to search for similar applications to complete their journey As influencers out of Facebook, meanwhile Tik Tok appeared, so around this time TikTok started appearing to announce itself again and attracting more followers.

Videos are the most powerful content:

The number of people who use smartphones around the world is increasing day by day, and videos have become the preferred type of content for consumers and users of these phones, and TikTok is one of the applications that gives us a glimpse into the future of social media, and its increasing global adoption makes it an arena Ideal for influencer marketing.

Many different age ages flock to use the app in pursuit of fame and to form communities that are more interested in the content they provide, so you find mass migrations from large communication platforms to other applications that bring them together better.

The idea of ​​challenge in the videos is a genius idea, it plays on the love of humans to challenge and show all skills, which means that the application will bring together all those with skills in societies that make them closer.

Starlink Project by Elon Musk


Most of the remote areas of the world suffer from the interruption of the internet networks and the lack of a suitable service, which makes them cut off from the rest of the world. Therefore, Space X has planned to provide free (or almost free) internet for most places, especially remote locations, through the Starlink project.

For those who do not know Space X, it is an American space company established in 2002. This company is the first private company to succeed in launching a spacecraft and returning it from Earth’s orbit. The company was founded by Elon musk, hoping this company would revolutionize the aerospace industry.

Starlink is the name of the satellite network that Space X is seeking to provide the Internet with. While SpaceX aims to have 12,000 satellites in the so-called mega constellation project, spacemen and astronomers and space watchers fear that the light of all of these satellites that will swim in space affects the vision and follow of astronomy and sky.

Starlink Project Initial Plan

The Space X satellite internet proposal was announced in January 2015, as it was not named at the time, though, Elon Musk, the project’s executive director, said the company provided documentation to international regulators to provide 4,000 satellites and put them in the low Earth orbit.

Space X launched the first two test vehicles of the Starlink project in 2018, the names of these two vehicles were TinTinA and TinTinB. According to the preliminary data, the company asked the project organizers to make their ships operate at a lower altitude than planned.

The first 60 satellites in the Starlink project were launched on May 23, 2019, on the back of Space X’s Falcon 9 rocket. The satellites successfully reached their practical altitude (360 miles from the horizon), which is a low altitude Enough to be expelled from the ground in the event of their death.

How the Starlink Project moons work

The size of one satellite in the Starlink project is 227 kilograms, which is similar to the size of the table. Instead of transmitting Internet signals through electrical cables, the Internet in satellites will work by concentrating radioactive information in the vacuum of space, which will make it reach 47% faster than optical fiber cables.

The cost and profits of the Starlink project

Space X said that the Starlink project will provide internet at low prices to a large number of people without internet, as well as people who suffer from their internet service. Elon Musk also said that the project will bring them an estimated return of 30 billion dollars annually, which will be an effective fuel to move the rest of the company’s ambitious projects.

There is no clear and reliable figure on the cost of the Starlink project, but the project is expected to cost 10 billion to be developed. Space X appears financial safe, but there is no firm information on how the situation is going there.

What satellites encountered

Three satellites – out of the 60 who were recently launched – have lost contact with the Earth’s control team, and will be ejected from their orbit by pushing gravity and air clouds to them, until they are burned into the atmosphere.

The CEO of the company stated that there is a possibility for some satellites not to work, but may not all of them work, but they do their best for the process to succeed. An official source said that 45 satellites had successfully reached their required height, and five others had started to turn.

One of the steps that counts for the success of the project, that the CEO of Elon Musk said last October that he is browsing the social networking site Twitter through the Internet of the Starlink project, and the company requests the permission of the Federal Communications Commission, in order to establish an additional 30,000 satellites on the 12,000 that have been completed. They are already approved.

The concerns of astronauts and astronomers

This advanced step in the Starlink project that we talked about in the previous paragraph, has caused concern in the hearts of the astronauts and their fans, as James Lowenthal (one of the astronauts at Smith University) demonstrated his fear about this, explaining his fear that these satellites with large dimensions will Significant change in the shape of the sky, and it will definitely affect the ability to detect space objects, which will affect their passion and love for astronomy.

In order not to arouse the controversy on this point by mentioning the word fear, the fear of the astronauts revolves around the disruption of space particles and the possibility of observing the astronomy and its components due to the presence of large quantities of satellites in space similar to the stars, so there will be stars that fill the sky whenever they look.

From billions of losses to flying in the sky … learn about SpaceX’s success story


Who among us does not know the Iron Man movie and the story of the genius scientist who invents a robot to be able to save himself? But what do you know about Iron Man in real life? What did he do in the spacecraft industry? What is the truth about his dreams of creating human colonies on Mars?

SpaceX success story

We are talking about Elon Musk, otherwise known as the Real Iron Man, who is the founder of Space Exploration Technologies, a private spacecraft maker. In addition to SpaceX, he founded other companies such as Tesla, the electric car maker, and co-founded PayPal.

SpaceX Begins

Musk was dreaming of a project that he wanted to call “Mars Oasis”, through which he wanted to place a mini greenhouse on Mars containing seeds and a humid to create an appropriate ecosystem for plant growth on Mars. In addition to working on the ecosystem, the other goal was to revive people with NASA projects to colonize and explore Mars, but unfortunately his dreams, rockets and greenhouses were too expensive!

But Musk did not give up and thought of the solution, and in 2002 he founded SpaceX, in Hawthorne, California. Musk’s goals were great and he wanted to design reusable missiles and land on the surface of the earth, and reduce the cost of transportation to space by reusing parts of the missiles that were launched, which he managed to succeed, but after several failed attempts!

A long road full of obstacles ..

At first Elon Musk had to spend his own money to fulfill his dreams, and persuade others of the possibility of private transport to space. In the end he managed to achieve his goal, and now SpaceX is the number 1 in the private spacecraft industry, in addition to that, 80% of the parts of any missile produced by SpaceX are manufactured in the same company!

Since 2002, he paid about $ 100 million to the company himself, before receiving financing from other companies. In 2015 SpaceX raised about $ 1 billion from Google and Fidelity, against 8% of the company’s shares.

The first attempt to launch a SpaceX missile was in 2006 four years after the establishment of the company and it was unsuccessful due to a rust in the engine, and this was also the fate of the second attempt in 2007 as the engines stopped before launching the missile and the third time the missile ended up in the sea, but unfortunately This time it was loaded with a payload for NASA.

As a result of these three failed attempts, the company was on the verge of bankruptcy, but Musk did not surrender and insisted on achieving his dreams and trying again, and during this time he was helped by billionaire Peter Thiel, who was the company’s first foreign investor.

Go … to the sky

Indeed, in 2008 the first successful launch of the SpaceX Falcon 1 rocket with liquid fuel was able to reach orbit around Earth. This was the actual launch of the company, after which successes and commercial deals were followed. In 2008, after the first successful launch of the missile, NASA signed contracts with SpaceX worth $ 1.6 billion in exchange for transporting 20 metric tons of payloads to the International Space Station via 12 space flights.

SpaceX also signed a 75-million-dollar agreement with NASA to develop the design of the special Dragon craft to transport astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

In 2010 SpaceX launched Falcon 9 into orbit around Earth, thereby becoming the first private company to do so. In 2013, it was the first private company to launch a missile into a geotechnical orbit (i.e., Earth orbit).

Also in 2014, after NASA chose SpaceX and Boing as two companies to be funded to develop astronauts transport vehicles, SpaceX won $ 2.6 billion to complete the development and launch of the Dragon 2 spacecraft in 2017.

But on June 28, 2015, on the birthday of its founder, Elon Musk, the missile disappeared shortly after launch and had two NASA payloads on the International Space Station, causing NASA to downgrade its contracts with SpaceX. Also in 2016, the missile exploded before it was launched, while fueling it.

In February this year, SpaceX achieved great success by launching a $ 90 million heavy Falcon missile into orbit, loaded with a Tesla vehicle, and two out of three of the missile’s propulsion boosts were successfully recovered.

The US Air Force recently announced that it intends to send cargo to it on a SpaceX missile. Elon Musk also announced that in the coming years he plans to launch a larger-sized BFR missile than the Falcon Heavy.

It is worth noting that SpaceX plans to connect the Internet to all parts of the world! And that is through a constellation project that carries thousands of satellites that broadcast the internet to every place, including remote areas where there is no internet … Certainly it will be the preferred project for everyone.