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Data science .. your guide to study “science of the new century”


“Data are modern oil, and it is important that we have the ability to extract this oil, refine it and convert it from its raw form into something that benefits the consumer.”

(David Buckingham)

“Data science” is one of the most important modern science in this era, and the job in this field has become the most attractive in our time, and one number in countries like the United States (2), but it is expected that the number of jobs available to it will increase to more than 4 million A job in the US only. According to a recent study, a large number of computer science programs do not qualify students to work in this field (3), and here comes the role of educational initiatives and courses offered by companies and institutions of higher education in various parts of the world, in this report we will highlight a group of them.

Microsoft data science learning program

The famous Microsoft company offers a professional program specialized in data science, which includes ten electronic courses offered through the “edX” platform taught by a group of experts and specialized academic professors, and aims to develop specific skills for its students to enable them to work in this field, the most prominent characteristic of these courses is the availability in the form of Free via the platform, that is, it is available to all people who have the requirements to study this program, and those enrolled in the program can obtain an approved certificate from the company upon completing any of the courses included in the program plan or after they have completed it, but they will pay for it.

Introduction to data science

This is the first course in the professional program, and it is an introductory course that establishes students with knowledge of data science and specifically with regard to working with data in Excel, exploring it, and photographing data in Excel, then moves them to important topics in statistics such as central tendency, contrast, and regression analysis, and the student also recognizes On the stories of a group of data scientists and their motives for choosing this field, the course is offered over a period of six weeks, with two to four hours of weekly learning.

Query the data

The second course in the group, and focuses on querying data using the SQL programming language, and the student gets acquainted with the data types during the course, how to use the “Tactic SQL” language, creating queries with it, and building query tables , And use of functions and data collection, organization and amendment of data, and how to identify and process error messages, the course extends for about six weeks, and needs four to five hours per week.

Data analysis and imaging

The third of the group’s courses, and is part of another program’s courses also offered by Microsoft on Big Data, which is presented with two tracks for each of them a special course, meaning that the student has two options to study analyzing and photographing data, namely: the path of analyzing and photographing data using Excel, where He will learn how to import data from multiple databases and files, transfer data, how to model it, ways to explore it, analyze and photograph it with Excel, and learn about the copy of Excel that must be dealt with, and some instructions related to dealing with the program, in addition to some tools such as: Data Analysis Expressions (DAX This course requires study for about two to four hours per week for a period of six weeks, while the second track is to analyze and visualize data using Power BI, where the student learns how to use the program to import data from databases, transfer data, Building queries, changing data types, and using the program in managing and modeling data, analyzing and photographing it using different tools, requires six weeks to study it at a rate of three hours per week.

Basic statistics for data analysis using Excel

This is the group’s fourth course, and it focuses on teaching students some topics of statistics related to data analysis such as descriptive statistics, random variables, probability theory, samples and fields of confidence, testing of statistical hypotheses, in addition to providing them with sources of reading, and making discussions on the topics studied, and the duration of this course is six weeks As in the previous courses, it takes two to four hours per week.

Explore data using the code

In the fifth group’s courses, the student will learn how to explore data using the code, and here he also has two options, just as in the third course, and he must choose either to study data exploration using the programming language (R), and in this case he has to join the course presented in The R Language for Evidence, “which is a four-week course that requires three hours of weekly learning, during which he will learn the basics of the” R “language and how to use it to analyze and visualize data, and if he does not want to learn the” R “language he can choose to learn the programming language” Python ” ), Then he can choose the second course which is “Introduction to Python for Data Science” and has a duration of six weeks, and the person will be trained in this course on the basics of Python, how to create Python lists, use of functions, the “Numpy” language and how to create NMBY matrices and imaging Data using the Python language.

Understand basic concepts in data science

In this course, the sixth in the group, the student will reach the stage of exploring data science operations, applying probability theory and statistics in data science, and important concepts in data acquisition, preparation, exploration and imaging, while studying practical practical models such as how to build cloud data using one of the programming languages ​​that he learned Or other tools, and he will study topics about machine self-learning such as: classifications, evaluation of regression models, and cluster analysis. The student will need six weeks to study the course, three to four hours per week.

How do you use data analysis to expand your business?


Since this field is a multi-educational field, data science can be applied in all challenges facing digital business in practice.

Here are some common examples of using data science to generate results from digital businesses:

Analysis of conversions in Sales Funnel.

Analyze visitor behavior data on your pages.

Product pricing.

Investigate uncommon and fraudulent behavior.

Analyze the feelings of the followers on the networks.

Product guidance systems for customers.

Predicting the time during which the customer will stop paying a subscription (Chern rate or Chern forecast).

Fortification and classification leads with a view to prioritizing.

Predicting the overall sales rate.

Classify customers according to their purchasing behavior.

Improve your cart by adding more products and forming groups of products.

Finally, here are two practical tips to get you started using Data Science in your business right now:

Tip 1: How can Web Analytics be used to investigate patterns of visitor behavior on your pages and sell more?

One of the main advantages of a 100% digital business when compared to an off-line business is the amount of information that can be obtained online.

When you install an analytical tool on your site, you immediately begin to gain a lot of information that can be analyzed to generate better results for your business.

Some examples of important information obtained with these tools are:

The origin of the visit: Where did the customer come from? Or on any link click to access your page?

The average time visitors spent on your page.

Pages and products visited.

Abandonment rate: The percentage of visitors who left your page without clicking on any other link.

Link modes that a visitor clicks: UTMs, SRC, and SCK.

The number of visitors who implemented a specific action on your site (example: click on the link in the checkout or log in). In such cases, you will need to prepare these procedures through the analytical tool).

The most popular and frequently used analytical tool is Google Analytics, but there are many other complementary equipment, and the choice of the best tool depends on the specific characteristics of each business.

For example, the Hotmart Analytics tool contains a series of resources for those who work in the field of selling digital products on the Internet.

After the tool is installed, metrics are collected and you have the data you need to make decisions.

Tip 2 – How do you prioritize leads based on data enrichment and leads classification?

One of the best ways to achieve more online sales is to classify ways of communicating with each customer.

Providing a product at the appropriate moment when the lead is ready to buy is the best way to increase results, so that you are not considered to be a spam offering to sell products all the time.

To do this kind of analysis and understand the appropriate times for your product, you mainly need two tools:

The first is an email marketing or email marketing tool, for example: mail chimp and LeadLovers. Or other tools.

After that you should use ListBoss tool which is a hotmart tool that enables integration between the hotmart digital platform and the chosen email marketing service.

After the integration is performed, you can set up your marketing tool to receive events and notifications every time a leads does one of the following:

Issuing the invoice.

Abandon the cart.

Cancel the purchase.

Buying currency exposed to chargeback.

A purchase is accepted.

A purchase subject to a complaint.

A purchase from which to return the money.

Expired purchase.

Completed purchase.

Loading a product.

Register for the Hotmart Club (membership area for hosting digital educational courses).

Product evaluation.

This is the first point for you to decide the appropriate time to send an email aimed at restoring unfulfilled sales.

A customer has visited the Checkout page and has abandoned the cart (cart). He has much higher opportunities to purchase the product from a customer who does not even know that you have a product for sale.

So this information is considered crucial to determine the moment when you send a new email to this customer.

With all this information subject to registration via the email marketing tool, you can start by setting up procedures for each of the mentioned cases.


You can send a welcome email as soon as the customer installs the digital product, or even thank him when he evaluates what he has purchased. These procedures help you build a closer relationship with your customer and increase trust between buyers.

Analyze your data

The advice we have provided above deals with some cases, but there are countless numbers of other possibilities to use these numbers and expand your business.

The complexity of data analysis tends to arise when a business begins to mature a lot and thus we have large amounts of information.

But the most important thing is that you start with collecting data .. We have a lot of useful advice that helps producers of digital content to use metrics to get the best results. Feel free to read it and get to know it!

What is your opinion ? Do you consider that you know what matters about the field of Data Science? You can comment on your experience or opinions via the comments space while we are waiting …

What is the Data Center? What are its components? What is affected?


The Data Center is a very large center used by organizations to keep their applications and important data, as the design of the data center depends on a network of servers that are stored through it, which allows the delivery of applications and shared data where it is connected to the Internet at high speeds.

History of the data center:

The concept of data centers is not new. It has been around since the late 1950s, and the idea of ​​a data-processing system became a reality in the 1960s, which opened the door to data centers on a small scale as an institution.

The data center was recently used on websites more widely and more. Computers were connected together through a network that allowed people all over the world to enter data, process information requests, and conduct business for the first time in history.

Data centers are the focus of modern technology and software, as they play an important role in expanding the capabilities of institutions, and today they can be seen as large factories for Internet content, whereas companies previously used to rely on fax and paper-based methods of error, where data centers and the Internet It has greatly improved the usability of the data as a whole.

How important are business data centers?

In the enterprise IT world, data centers are designed to support business applications and activities that include:

Email and file sharing

Productive applications

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning

Communication and cooperation services

What are the main components of the data center?

The data center design includes routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and controllers. These components store and manage data and applications that are important to business, so data center security is critical to the design of the data center, as it provides:

Network Infrastructure: Connects virtual and physical servers, data center services, storage, and external connection to users’ locations.

Storage infrastructure: Data is the fuel of a modern data center, where storage systems are used to store it.

Computing resources: Applications are data center drives, where these servers provide processing, memory, local storage, and network connectivity running the applications.

How do data centers work?

Data center services are usually deployed to protect the performance and integrity of the core components of the data center, and they work through:

Network security devices: Include firewall and hacker protection for data center security.

Application Delivery Guarantee: These mechanisms provide application flexibility, load balancing, and automatic shutdown in the event of any error, to maintain application performance.

What does the data center facility include?

Data center components require an important infrastructure to support the center’s hardware and software, including power subsystems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ventilation, cooling systems, fire suppression and backup generators in the event of an emergency, in addition to connecting to external networks.

What are the most important trends affecting data centers?

There are several major trends affecting the data center today:

Information technology must work with a variety of different user expectations and demands, as information technology must evolve to accelerate the creation and delivery of its services to meet the needs of applications, DevOps and Line of Business as quickly as the user expects, as applications for most companies are the main interface for customers and partners in Technology.

Previously, the head of the data center had to choose only the appropriate account, storage and network, but today the range of options in the design patterns are many, such as converged infrastructure, and highly linked infrastructure (HCI), or single cloud and multiple or mixed cloud, and there is a similar set of options In each group, such as Hypervisor software, file systems, management groups, lifecycle automation, workflow automation, security, IT operations management, etc.

The rate of change of technologies is constantly increasing. Three years ago, data, storage and cloud analyzes were not efficient enough, then the hyperconverged infrastructure came, and now we have AI / ML.

The workload from the data center continues to be distributed in remote and branch offices, which opens up new business opportunities, as this requires a management model that can extend across the entire computing world and increase administrative capabilities as much as they need, as most management tools are unable to meet the needs of the distributed computational environment Large, resulting in multiple management tools and increased complexity during coding.

Although this discussion is more accurate today, this discussion cannot avoid the public cloud, as the current discussion revolves around how to support multiple clouds and not only one cloud, and the way information technology is used to withdraw is also more advanced than the previous one, it is no longer It is about applications that must be moved to the cloud, but rather about how these applications extend across multiple clouds.

How to know the appropriate domain name for your project 2020


Most content makers and website creators know what a domain name is, but if you are a beginner, then the domain name is what is called the site name, and this is an example (www.example.com).

The domain name is the first brick in building the site in one way or another. You may create your domain name, but it will not be as strong or as good as the quality of the domain names provided by the companies responsible for selling domain names. In this regard, there are many leading companies in the sale of domains, including the company (domain right now), GoDaddy, and Naeemeapeap (namecheap). All these companies and others are responsible for selling domain names as well as selling most services related to websites. However, ICANN remains responsible for the distribution and management of IP addresses, domain names, and the assignment of top-level domain names worldwide. After we got to know the domain name partly, let’s get to know the top-level domain because we had paid for this topic.

So what is the top-level domain?

The top-level domain or top-level domains (TLD) is one of the highest levels in the Internet’s hierarchical domain name system. For example, at (www.example.com), we find that the top-level domain is (.com.) This is a set of old top-level domains (.com, .org and .net) from a new top-level domain (london,. shop., .app, .today, .live.) and others

What has changed in the top-level domain system?

Not long ago, the top-level domain name (.com) was the most important name for websites that wanted to top search engines and read it net. This is known in the technical field, but in May 2010, the first batch was applied in the domain name system for developing countries, and among them were some Arab countries, which is called the top-level domains of countries, for example (ma.) For Morocco and (DZ.) For Algeria to There are no countries and names. But ICANN (and ICANN) and its affiliates in managing and administering top-level domains have not only rated the internationalized domain name but have classified the domain names like this:

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs).

Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs).

* STLD Top Level Domains.

* Top Level Domains that are not affiliated with a public organization or uTLD.

Internet Infrastructure Top Level Domain (.arpa)

ICANN did not stop here but decided to classify the names of the generic top-level domains according to the site’s specialties. For example, tourism websites use travel. News sites, shop. And other names and domains.

How this update will help us

What matters to us is that the algorithms of search engines such as the giant Google and Ping … etc. have become dealing with the top-level domain name on the basis that it is a description of the site or rather it has become a standard for classification of the site content for search spiders and drew their attention to visit the site contrary to what was recognized as (com. It was often leading the search results and was the fastest in terms of archiving and other features, but not long ago (com.) Lost that position in some specialties (Nishat) so the new names became more system for the Internet and became a priority for the top-level domain names specialized in its field as well as was done Including the top domain name is a priority The site appears in the search results for a specific word, meaning that if you want to work in the tourism field, it is better if the domain name ends with (travel.) Instead of (com.) Or (net.) And also, it will be easy for you to find a domain name for your site consisting of a small word, And it ends in (travel.) Unlike the top-level domain name (com.), It isn’t easy to find a suitable domain name that is easy for users to remember.

The seven best ways to access neighbors’ Wi-Fi easily:


We all realize that penetration of networks is a violation of the law and is considered a form of theft, and we do not aim in this article to encourage or facilitate theft, but quite the opposite, the goal here is to make it more difficult by helping you to know the weaknesses and loopholes that can cause penetration Your network and bridging, as the process of safe analysis and penetration testing is one of the most important topics when building a secure network.

Of course, there is no better way to test network security than using Wi-Fi hacking programs, as the success of one of these programs in accessing your network without permission means that there is a defect in the security settings, so we will then carry out the necessary reforms, and in this article we will introduce you to the most important programs that can be used In this area on the personal computer.

The software works on popular Windows, Linux and Mac computer systems.


If you have a little hacking experience then you must have heard of this AirCrack software.

The program is written in C language, and this program is known to contain a lot of tools that help to access a secure Wi-Fi network, and it can also use various tools to be available as parts of the AirCrack such as: attack, monitoring, penetration testing and finally cracking. Cracking. ”

Wifi hacking applications

Also through this program you can break the 802.11 WEP and WPA-PSK keys after getting enough packets of data packets.

To make the attack faster and more efficient both are: Standard FMS Attack, Korek Attack, and New PTW Attack.

Cain and Abel

In the event that you are looking for a password recovery tool, especially in Microsoft Windows, you only need to use this program, which was named after the children of Adam and Eve!!

This tool can recover passwords using various methods, including: Network Packet Sniffing and Performing Attacks as a brute force, in addition to the Dictionary Attack attack, and decryption.

Do you think we have finished?

No, with this program you can also record VoIP conversations, decrypt passwords contention, get Cache data, and also get routing protocols for moral hacking purposes.

Among the most recently added features of the program are ARP support that helps spy and switch LANs and MITM attacks.

As in the previous program, Cain and Abel is available on all three operating systems.

Fern Wi-Fi Cracker

As shown by his name, it helps analyze your network, find vulnerabilities, work to solve them, and communicate your network with the greatest possible security.

Programmed using the Python programming language, this program can run various attacks on the Ethernet and wireless network, most notably: WEP / WPA / WPA2 / WPS attacks, hacking sessions, MITM attacks and others …

You can use the program on any Linux machine with some different dependencies.


If you know the actual power of your wireless network, you can also take some actual steps to reach a high degree of protection. This is what Reaver will help you do.

It is an open source program and a program that detects passwords for Wi-Fi networks that can crack most passwords of routers.

The program uses its “Brute Force” against WPS PIN and obtains a WPA / WPA2 passphrase.

In case you are wondering about the effectiveness or efficiency of this program, it can restore a passphrase in 4-10 hours, and in practical cases you can get faster results.

You can install the program on all versions of Linux. Sometimes it comes preinstalled in many ethical hacking distributions including Kali Linux.


Wi-Fi hacking programs

Without a doubt, it is the most popular software for analyzing network protocols, although it will not directly help you in recovering regular passwords, it will help you to track packets as best as possible.

This program will give you the ultimate power to check hundreds of protocols and get the best results with the help of live capture and offline analysis.

Not only wireless, WireShark enables it to capture live data from Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB k Token Ring…

HashCat / oclHashCat

While HashCat is known to be the world’s most popular CPU-based password cracking tool, it can be used terribly and effectively to carry out a brute force attack on WPA / WPA2 protection.

Before doing this, you can use tools like “Reaver” to collect shared keys and decode parts, and in case you want a faster Wi-Fi penetration, you can go oclHashcat to use modern GPUs.

This tool can be used with / without a word list to hack, and is a common tool for all platforms to be used in Windows, Linux and Mac.

Infernal Twin

The seventh ranking on our list today belongs to a program that has a very distinguished name “Infernal Twin”, which is an automated tool that can be used to test wireless penetration.

You can use it for Evil Twin automatic attack that creates a fake Wi-Fi point to track wireless connections.

Through the program, a person can eavesdrop on users using “phishing,” in addition to running a “Man-In-The-Middle” attack.

Use this software to hack Wi-Fi passwords for one of the following goals: WPA2 / WEP / WPA, wireless social engineering, and automatic reporting…

You cannot touch the banknotes, so we brought together the best online payment systems in one place!


Because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in most countries of the world, most users sit in their homes in the meantime, and although delivery services are the best option for remote shopping, you sometimes need to go out of the house to buy food and necessary supplies, which requires paying for goods Personally.

We may also want to settle a debt with friends, and pay the money to the sellers or companies for the services we subscribe to, but in all the cases mentioned above, contact through the use of banknotes or passing a credit card is undesirable because the virus does not transmit directly from Not only is the patient’s libido and coughing, but he is also stuck with various types of surfaces for varying periods of time and thus accelerates its spread in the community.

To avoid contact with banknotes or credit cards when paying merchandise or subscriptions, dear reader has the best electronic payment system that you can use.

Also read: Don’t just search on Google … Three ways to make the most of your internet search

Online payment applications that use NFC technology

NFC is a technology built into many modern families for mobile devices, such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and many other Android smartphones. The NFC technology, which was officially launched in 2002, allows the transfer of data without contact Among mobile devices, and it can also simulate the work of credit or debit cards for payment in retail stores, please check whether electronic payment systems are available in your country.

Apple Pay

The application depends on the NFC technology that is supported by iPhone phones starting from iPhone 6 and above and the first generation of iPhone SE, and is used in stores that provide Apple Pay service upon purchase through the application “Apple Wallet” built into the iPhone, which allows the user to store credit account numbers Or his opponent.

Cards are added to the application after completing the registration process, and users can select the account in advance. Like iPhone phones, the technology also supports Apple smart watches.

Apple Cash

It is a virtual cash card that helps you transfer money in it directly from your bank using the debit card, and keep a cash balance separate from your bank account, in addition to using it as an NFC payment mechanism through Apple Pay, you can also send and receive money to and from other people who have devices iOS through the messaging app, and you can transfer money back to your bank if you wish, through a simple and one-click process.

Apple Card

It is a virtual credit card with its application designed to display fee rankings and track expenses, the money is paid with one click on the screen, the card uses the coding technology developed in coordination with Goldman Sachs, so that all financial transactions are encrypted, and the credit card number itself is not recorded when dealing Financial again at one of the points of sale.

In addition to the default use, Apple also provided the option of the actual card made of titanium alloys, and unlike other credit cards, Apple Card does not have a card number printed on it, and in the event that the card number is stolen the user can change it immediately from within the application directly.

Samsung Pay

This application is the second most popular electronic payment method – after Apple Pay – built into Samsung phones, and Samsung Pay also provides a secure magnetic transfer technology “MST” that works on Samsung devices only where it allows virtual financial transactions for devices that do not support NFC, but the negative The only thing here is that it is unreliable, Samsung offers a lot of promotions in Samsung Pay which some people find annoying when using the application, which makes them look for other default payment alternatives.

Google Pay

It is an NFC-based service that supports a variety of Android devices, and includes an electronic wallet – formerly called Google Wallet – to record credit and debit cards for electronic payments.

As with Apple Cash, Google provides a cash balance separate from the bank account with electronic payment feature at point of sale terminals that support technology, and can also be used to send money through Google Pay Send, which is sent either via email or text message to Depending on the option the recipient would like.

Google Card

Although not yet available, it is expected that Google will officially announce it during the current quarter, and based on the leaked news about it, it will likely have similar functions to the Apple Card and will be available in two types of virtual and physical cards, but it is only available for Android users, as is expected Citi and Stanford Federal Credit Union to be official partner banks of the company upon its launch.

Protecting and following children is no longer a very tiring task … unique techniques that you should know about now!


Whether at school, at the club, or even at home, parents ’anxiety about children does not end, whether they are young or teenage, so a lot of techniques have been created to track children not only to find out what they see on the Internet and what they are exposed to on various social media sites, But also to track their location and sometimes listen to them remotely.

If you are always worried about your child, whether from harassment, kidnapping, bullying, or any degree of abuse, it is highly recommended to have one or more of these techniques that help you track your children anytime and anywhere.

Wonbo Kids Smart Watch:

It is one of the best ways to track children at all, it is highly professional and designed to contain the global positioning system GPS inside it, and it also has the ability to monitor the voice remotely, so parents can enter the watch at any time through the mobile phone application And send a request to the smart watch using the application and the device will then contact the parents.

Through this contact, parents can listen to the child, whether at school, in the club, training camps, etc., it gives you an extraordinary diversity in the monitoring of the child, and is available in different colors such as red, green and pink.

Toddler Tag Tracker:

It is very useful for younger children i.e. even before entering school age, it is not only a watch that is worn, but it is installed somehow in clothes, whether it is visible or hidden, and is also connected to the GPS and also has an alarm setting feature to alert the parents if he is away The child is 30 feet, which is useful if you go shopping for the little boy or while playing in the garden so your child can run away from you in one moment, and the device can locate the child in a crowd 150 feet away.

PocketFinder technology:

It is very useful if you are looking for a child-friendly tracking technology that is easy to hide, and it is especially useful for tracking teenagers who do not always want to listen to their parents ’advice or tell them where they are, so this small device can be connected to the pet, wristwatch or one of the favorite accessories For the child, clothes, bag, and other options, so that he always ensures that the son or daughter accompanies her.

Parents are allowed to track all children’s steps throughout the day, record this and then learn about everything that happened throughout the day through a website or a free smartphone app.

MyBuddyTag technology:

It is one of the devices and technologies that take more than one form, whether a wrist watch, bracelet, chain, etc., and it can be programmed if the child exceeds a specified range, and it also raises an alarm if it was flooded with water for more than 5 seconds to avoid drowning accidents, and it contains identification information to allow For parents to reach the son’s place in the case of kidnapping or loss for any reason, which does not depend on its effectiveness on the GPS but uses Bluetooth and is compatible with different applications for both Android and iPhone.

FamiSafe technology

Tracking techniques for children

One of the most reliable parental control technologies that allows children to be tracked, block specific types of applications, and filter various web pages that parents do not want to be exposed to and watch, and it can also facilitate the parents ’task of controlling the time a child spends in front of the screen by causing certain changes that make The child leaves the device, and it contains a 3-day free trial to monitor and track the child remotely without much control.

SafetyTat technology:

It is a practical technology that is very low-cost and it does not actually allow parents to monitor their children or control the things they do, but it is a temporary tattoo that contains the father’s phone number and is written via a mobile phone, and this tattoo can also contain the medical condition of the child or Suffering from an allergy to a certain thing, and it provides a lot of safety for the child and at the same time a degree of freedom.

Trax Play Live technology:

It is a very lightweight device that allows tracking the child directly from the parents’ phone and it is compatible with both IOS and Android as well, and you can reach your child anywhere in more than 40 countries around the world, and also issues alerts whenever the child is out of the safe area that left him in either Home, kids’ area, etc., and it can also be installed in clothes easily and you can define a specific geographical system for your child, which is also suitable for pets, but it does not support bilateral communication, meaning that if the child is in real danger you will not be able to call him, but you can Access it as quickly as possible.

Zytree Mini A8 tracker:

It is a small device that resembles a car key and can even be hung with the keys or in the child’s bracelet or watch, and can communicate with four mobile phones at the same time, and it is supported by the emergency feature to send distress signals when exposure to any risks, and can be contacted and converted into a radio that is communicated with The child quickly and get to know the surrounding around.

Do you use Google’s incognito mode? An opportunity to get 5 thousand dollars


Lawyers have filed a lawsuit against the company “Alpha Bit”, which owns the browser Google Chrome because of Incognito Mode, which allows the user to browse incognito, in order to maintain the confidentiality of users, which the claim says is incorrect.

The lawsuit accuses Google of hacking into people’s privacy, and tracks Internet use even when browsers are set to “incognito”.

If you open incognito mode in Chrome, Google will display a message stating that you can “browse privately” and confirm that other people who use the device cannot see your browsing activity.

This message says that downloads and bookmarks will be saved, browsing history, cookies, site data and form entries will not be saved.

According to the lawsuit, filed by Boyce Schiller Flexner, a law firm in the Northern District County Court of California, the tech giant has violated eavesdropping and privacy laws, so users of this service over the past four years can get $ 5,000 in compensation.

“Google tracks and collects consumer browsing history and other web activity data, regardless of the safeguards consumers make to protect the privacy of their data,” the complaint says.

What does Google say?

A Google spokesman said the company would defend itself vigorously against the claims, which it vehemently opposed, adding, “Incognito mode in Chrome gives you the option to browse the Internet without saving your activity in your browser or device.”

But the lawsuit indicated that Google “accomplishes its hidden tracking” using methods such as Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, and the Google website login button. It appears that the use of these tracking tools, and not explicitly including them in this hidden message, is the basis of the lawsuit.

By continuing to collect and identify browsing data, according to the complaint, Google violates federal and US laws regarding eavesdropping on phone calls, which give people the right to file a lawsuit if private communications are intercepted.

Expert opinion

Cyber ​​security specialist Jack Moore says that “private web browsing is not private as you might think, as incognito modes tend to not record data on the device, but this data still goes to your ISP, and some data goes to the website you are visiting .

“Many people misunderstand a particular term, and without reading the terms and conditions correctly, some will not realize that they are legally handing out a lot of personal data. It is still possible to protect your identity to access the open web while maintaining protection,” he says.

The proposed class action seeks compensation for at least $ 5,000 per user who has been browsing the Internet in incognito mode since June 1, 2016. The number of users is likely to exceed 1 million. So if you are one of them and the class action is successful, you can get the amount.

The truth behind Tik Tok program: racism, oppression of the poor class and policies you read about for the first time!


Tik Tok is one of the programs that achieved an overwhelming success in a short period and its use spread all over the world with great force, as the number of its users reached about 800 million users according to the last statistic of 2020, since the appearance of the program has caught everyone’s attention since its first launch years. However, with time, the program became less used, especially some of the massive uprising that took place against it in India.

Of course if you are a resident of Arab countries, you often hate this Tik Tok application due to the low content that we see often through this platform and then it spreads on all social media such as Facebook for example, but there is no guilt for the company in this because it does not control the content submitted to it, but what The program can control it, as it is the surrounding environment during the filming of videos and even the apparent forms of those who are filming these videos, as it became clear that the program restricts everyone who is filming content in a “poor” environment or if it is “ugly” in the form, how is this done and is the company entitled to implement Such decisions at a time when the world rose up against racism?

Tik Tok and its biased policy

We are not finished here!

Parts of these discriminatory policies have been leaked and have been shown to apply to any published content from users with physical disabilities, and disability has been identified as an “abnormal body shape” such as a “bear’s belly” or even apparent deformities as “too many wrinkles”. Any political content is also excluded from appearing to users by copying the method – blocking it from the “For you” section – and that is, of course, if the user’s account is not completely blocked as it happens in China.

Videos will not circulate if you are poor

These rules also apply to anyone who shows signs of poverty, whether they are cracked walls or old decorations, all of these are sufficient reasons to restrict the content, as one of the officials stated that these videos will be “less attractive” to new users, so if you find one of these things in the content The post will, as mentioned previously, restrict the content and only appear at the account of the publisher.

These rules exist from the beginning

A spokesperson for the TikTok platform confirmed that these policies were in place in the past but it was an “attempt to prevent bullying” according to him, and that now its purpose has differed, but this does not change the fact that it has always been there, the goals have changed and the means remain, after the company’s policies Directed to curb bullying, its goal is now to attract new users as it is stated in the text that “If the character’s appearance or the shooting environment is not good, the video will be significantly less attractive to the extent that it does not deserve to be shown to new users.” This text was written in the company’s instruction manual In China – and translated into English. But in general, Tik Tok claimed that these laws apply in China only, where the company’s spokesperson mentioned that these rules are applied only regionally in China and stated a text that they do not apply in the American market.

What do you think of the company policies that are considered to be the most biased policies, are social media platforms the right to filter the content in this way or should we just leave the content until it spreads automatically and determine if it is popular or not, share your views!

The Internet of Things is a very promising technology that will change the rules of the game. What are the challenges facing it?


The Internet of Things is often referred to as IoT, which includes billions of electronic devices ready to work in the next decade, bringing with it promises of global economic opportunities and new innovations that will change the way we work and our lives, in any case we must face the challenges related to the Internet of things including security and privacy, and that In order to optimize the investment of this technology.


The Internet of Things is a broad term used to describe situations in which the possibilities of internet connectivity and computing extend to devices, sensors, and many other tools that we use on a daily basis that are not usually classified as computers such as consumer products, cars, trucks, industrial equipment, wearable devices, and other devices that operate Together to create concepts like “smart cities” and “smart homes”, these devices collect data, transfer it from the surroundings around it, and analyze it remotely in order to find new visions and services in addition to controlling other devices.

The forecasts about the impact of the IoT Internet on the Internet and the economy are impressive, accompanied by about 100 billion connected IoT devices, and a global economic impact with more than $ 11 trillion. By 2025, IoT technology promises improvements in industrial automation, health care, energy conservation, agriculture, transportation, and management. Cities in addition to many other fields and applications.

The tremendous potential growth of innovation, applications and services is a testament to the open nature of the Internet architecture and design, which does not place limits on the types of devices and services that can communicate with them, at the same time there are still significant challenges associated with IoT technology that can stand up to these potential benefits, one of the The most important of these challenges and questions include issues such as privacy, security, compromise, organizational and legal standards and problems, as well as the willingness of emerging economies to take it.

This summary includes an overview of the main IoT issues and the same issues are discussed in more detail in this report from the Internet community.

Basic considerations

Despite the increased interest in connected devices in recent years, the idea of ​​linking devices and tools with telecommunications networks and the Internet is not a completely new idea as the M2M communication system that used dedicated networks instead of the Internet has become widespread in industrial environments more than 25 years ago where The first tools that could be controlled online appeared in the early 1990s and paved the way for the stage where the Internet of Things (IoT) reached today.

Today IoT represents an evolving case of how people and organizations interact with the Internet in their personal, social, and economic lives. It can also represent a shift in how users interact and are affected by the Internet. For example, the Internet experience today has become largely distinct thanks to users who download and create content from Through their smartphones and computers, however, many IoT devices are designed to operate in the background and send and receive data on behalf of the user with little interference, there are other devices designed to control various tools and physical assets in the world such as transport vehicles and buildings or monitor human behavior.

If expectations about IoT become a reality, it would be wise to consider the impacts that may occur in a world where the most common interaction comes through negative association with related elements and tools, rather than positive correlation with content, for example, governments will want to ensure that their policies keep pace with rapid change That will affect this environment.

Policies that enhance the Internet infrastructure and efficient use of the wireless spectrum in addition to developing data centers and enhancing user options and mandates are important in the stage of development of IoT, and with the size and nature of data collected about users and their environments via IoT, data security policies and privacy that reflect The development of technology and its potential impacts on users.

Besides the direct infrastructure and aspects of telecommunications for the Internet of Things, other areas may benefit from the development taking place as IoT devices are likely to storm into close to most aspects of our lives, including devices in our homes, workplaces, schools, hospitals, and other public places, building Moreover, privacy policies, data security, health care, transportation, technology and innovation are likely to be affected. With this type of broad access, policymakers need to consider the impacts of public policies across a wide range of goals and initiatives.

While IoT is not a specifically new idea from a technical point of view, its growth and development will present new benefits and challenges that require new shifts in current policies and strategies.


There are some challenges that must be faced in order to fully realize the benefits of IoT technology for individuals, societies and the economy.