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The 2 best platforms to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger, globally and in the Arab world


Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the Arab and international market have a growing interest in chatbot technology.

Interest imposed by the volume of those interacting with technology and those who accept the idea of ​​its existence, who numbered through Facebook Messenger about 1.2 billion interactors per month, as the platforms that provide the service of creating chatbots through programmed and pre-prepared templates provide the ability to create automatic and interactive conversations that answer customer requests and inquiries in a way. immediately.

In addition, the ability to integrate your chatbot on several interactive platforms such as chat applications, electronic payment applications and your website.

In short, chatbots are now the fastest, most efficient and least expensive way to reach a customer wherever they are.

But the important question for business owners is how to evaluate the platforms that provide the service of ready-made chatbots templates in terms of features and capabilities and determine the choice that suits your needs.

In this report, we give you a detailed look at the features of the 4 most important Arab and international platforms that provide the service, namely Egyptian Widebot and Botme, Manychat and Chatfuel of the United States, so that you can evaluate each platform in a way that suits your business needs.


1- Subscription pricing

Chatfuel gives its users a free service for the various templates provided by Chatbot templates until reaching 5000 subscribers through the bot, with the ability to build a complete bot without a specific number of departments or platforms that you want to integrate with.

Having a specific number for subscribers during the free usage period, Chatfuel makes it a convenient option if your user base is small.

2- Templates

Chatfuel has more than 75 various templates for different industries compared to only 6 that Manchat provides.

The purposes that Chatfuel templates serve are varied from e-commerce, to customer service, restaurant bots, and more.

Most of these templates allow to serve different areas of companies’ work.

Plus all Chatfuel templates are available for free.

Chatfuel templates contain helpful notes and comments while building your bot, allowing the user to learn how to complete the steps without having to watch tutorials.

 3- Payment from within the chatbot

The Chatfuel platform enables its users from the United States only to pay through Facebook, and pay through Stripe for users from countries where the Stripe banking platform services are available, and it does not include in its services the Arab region, meaning that the service is not available to users in Arab countries.

That is, Arabic e-commerce platforms may find it difficult to use templates

Chatfuel is for this purpose as you need to have a US or European bank account in order to receive the service and create an account on Stripe.

4- Integration with other platforms

Chatfuel templates have integration with the same platforms but with more controls.

Including that the integration between the bot and your WordPress site enables you to display the content or products of the site to bot users, but at a maximum rate of 100 pieces per day.

Also, the integration provided by the platform with YouTube, Instagram and Google allows interactive content from these platforms to be displayed, but integration with any other platform needs to be modified in the program’s programming interface, i.e. it needs to be modified in the codes.

5- Analytics

The reports provided by Chatfuel are simplified and useful for its customers who want to track the number of clicks and interactions that take place through the bot, as the data display panel for Chatfuel templates allows analysis of simple data and easy-to-understand graphs that track links, most clicked buttons, open and conversion rates, total number of users, subscribers, and those who canceled Subscribe, but in the event that the user wants to get bigger and more accurate analyzes, he may need an external analysis platform, which is one of the platform’s weaknesses.

6- The items inside the bot

Chatfuel offers options to send photos, audio clips, videos, your website content, photo albums in square sizes, and CTA buttons with the ability to delay responses up to 20 seconds to give the conversation and responses a realistic feel, but the option to use Emojis is not yet available.


1- Subscription pricing

Manychat gives customers on the free service to interact with an unlimited number of users on the bot, but with fewer benefits than the service provided by Chatfuel.

After exceeding the number of subscribers, the prices for the paid service in Manychat range according to the number of users allowed, and the same goes for Chatfuel

2- Templates

Manychat only has 6 templates ready.

It provides its users with how-to videos that help them build their own bot using

Templates easily, which is what gives the user the information in a practical way that even the platform allows

Users create templates with their names and put them up for sale, and Manychat helps this

Premium template services are provided for a fee and not for free, unlike Chatfuel which allows

All templates are free.

Manychat’s biggest problem remains that it only has 6 templates available, which is why it has to

Lots of people build their own Customized Templates and take advantage of

Sellable, which makes Chatfuel the best choice for beginners.

3- Payment from within the chatbot

Manychat offers the ability to pay and buy products from within the bot.

But Manychat provides payment to all users, unlike Chatfuel enables

Users from within Facebook are only for US users, and pay through

Stripe is for users from countries where the Stripe banking platform services are available, and it does not include the Arab region in its services.

4- Integration with other platforms

Manychat’s templates provide integration with your website and your Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts.

In addition to the Zapier platform, which enables integration with your CRM and Google

Sheets, Email, and WordPress, which allows notifications to be shared between

Your accounts on various platforms and between bots and also send notifications to bot users

In the event of a new occurrence on your various accounts and automatically, which allows the content

Your spread is greater.

 5- Analytics

Manychat has the same problem as Chatfuel is that in the event that a user needs more detailed and accurate analyzes of activity on their bot and verification of conversion rates, they need to outsource.

When should a chatbot be used as a revenue channel?


The consensus of many investors and entrepreneurs is that starting to use chatbots as a way to promote either your products or other products, must start after finding what is known as Product Market Fit or the market fit for the product, and proving the need of a base of audiences.

For the product or service that you are offering.

You can then start forming a community for these users and start targeting them with your products or similar products that they are looking for.

Also, charge a fee for the product or service that you provide through the bot, you should

After analyzing what features are most popular with customers, they are considered essential

For users, and what are the complementary features of your service.

Charging a fee for the essential features of your service, which is the main factor in attracting a customer

Totally counterproductive to your customer growth rate, customers are looking for a free service provider for you.

When I launched the Google App Store, everyone thought that the paid apps would be the way developers could make money.

What actually happened is that in-app purchases became the way users prefer to spend their money.

The point is, this industry is very young and we are still exploring the strategies to make money with it properly.

Not only will chatbots become a vehicle for generating revenue in the future, they will also take a part

Significant volume of e-commerce and entertainment sites’ businesses.

Many investors see chatbots if used correctly

On the corporate side, they can offer powerful examples of how new societies and markets are formed

To create profits, and perhaps several systems with the size of Slack, for example.

Top 5 Strategies for Creating Profit with Your Chatbot


As we enter the fourth year of the emergence of chatbots, the questions are increasing

From entrepreneurs and investors about the ways chatbots can

It generates more profits for their companies, and how to turn it into a sustainable sales channel.

Over the past four years, many methods have proven very effective in converting a chatbot into a selling channel, and it’s still evolving.

In this article, we cover the most important tactics for increasing revenue through chatbots.

1- Display ads

Show ads through a bot is perhaps the first method companies have used to generate revenue with their bots.

Chatbot users are a true audience for the products you offer, and what they target

Advertisements for products related to their interests can be very effective in increasing click rates.

The bot has a lot of personal information that could contribute to more ads

Personal promotions that improve conversion rates.

2- Ads on content

There is a feature Facebook included two years ago for web links, and that’s Instant Articles.

Enabling this feature allows the user to read the content of the article or piece of existing content

On your website, without the need to go to an external link, that is, it can read the content from within Facebook.

Companies can post this type of content via their BOT, and take advantage of the advertising revenue on the content.

3- Market Analytics

Chatbots can collect a large amount of data from users.

By engaging in a conversation or playing a game, bots can learn about a user’s preferences and interests.

An example of data collection is the Swelly bot. Swelly lets users play a game of choosing between two options.

Once users choose an option, they are rewarded with showing results of their preferences and whether they are with

The opinion of the vast majority of the tested sample or have a different opinion and personality.

Now imagine you are a fast food brand, for example, and you want to know which

The type of meal your target customers will prefer, or the type of fast food images they may find more attractive.

This kind of bot will be a goldmine of your search.

By gathering this kind of audience preference, the Swelly bot can generate a detailed report in a very fast and accurate way.

4- Percentage of recommendations

A chatbot can build a good relationship with the user through daily conversations.

The bot can assist the user in deciding what to buy and make suggestions

To obtain the product or service, if the bot does not provide that service.

A good example of this model in robotics is the Kip bot. The Kip bot, available on Slack, Messenger, Kik and Telegram is a shopping assistant that helps you

Find what you want to buy and then refer you to the online store that can fulfill the order.

5- Expanding the scope of the service provided

Similar to smart phone applications, the expansion of service provision offered by companies

Through chatbots to other platforms to attract a larger audience, it is a popular pattern

Great for companies that already have active offers and want to expand these offerings to include a larger audience.

Trello Corporation Paid Service Provides Task and Project Management. Note that

Too many of its clients use Slack as a way to communicate, Trello decided to extend its services

To this platform and provide options to perform many operations from within the Slack BOT chat window.

How does the chatbot play its role in the various stages of selling?


In the pre-sale stage

Earn people’s trust

Insurance companies have a fairly low degree of confidence in most of the market.

A global survey indicates that consumers around the world trust insurance companies

For less than they trust in banks, and hardly more than in pharmaceutical companies.

This is in line with how reluctant people are to buy insurance and the size of the market, especially in the region

Middle east.

This indicates that the market is looking for better collateral.

More often than not, insurance companies gain that reputation due to a lack of awareness and lack of transparency in explaining their insurance policy models to clients in a simple way, creating this gap between companies and customers.

Some people are afraid of the presence of some words or conditions that may lose their right or condemn them when entering into an insurance policy, or bear the cost of seeking a lawyer and incur additional costs.

Which means that closing this information gap is all that an insurance company has to do in order to start generating more interest among potential buyers.

This is what chatbots do in the insurance business.

Insurance companies are now listing chatbots on their websites because these AI robots offer a fast and reliable way to increase visitor engagement and build trust.

Instead of creating POS, these bots answer questions and remove doubts in simple language that is free of legal complications and gives customers the confidence that nothing the company wants to hide.

Raise customer awareness and create new clients

 There is a great lack of knowledge about insurance and its benefits, especially among today’s millennials.

Companies have found chatbots to be the tool that can change this scenario.

Within a typical insurance policy there is a complex web of technical terms, rates, and other information that the average person would face with much suspicion.

But insurance companies that create chatbot allow potential customers to understand these terms and conditions in a language they are familiar with, by providing them with the information they need through interactive conversations.

For example, a person looking for auto insurance could take

Chatbot asks: “Does universal coverage include everything (physical injury, accidents, etc.)?”

The chatbot can help them obtain information such as “Does the comprehensive coverage include damages due to causes other than accidents?

It includes theft, vandalism, natural disasters and fire? “.

The insurance bot can also explain the benefits of different types of insurance policies in simple points, and show them to visitors who want to understand the company’s services.

So anyone can ask the question they want to know the answer to.

For example, a client wants to know, “How is [Health Insurance Plan A] different from [Health Insurance Plan B]?” The chatbot can explain to them that “compared to [Plan B], [Plan A] includes two additional options for the sum insured, coverage for two dependents, counseling for patients in selected hospitals, and directing the customer to selected pieces of content that end with the CTA.

During the sale

Facilitate issuance and renewal processes

The process of issuing a new policy or renewing an old one is long and complicated. But while there are many steps during these processes, they can be facilitated by having a chatbot shorten these steps.

This add-on provided by the bot, directs the customer to a fewer sequence of steps, avoiding the sales process potential failure due to the customer’s distress from traditional complications.

Chatbots will assist clients with the process of filling out forms, submitting claims, and browsing new offers and programs.

The conversation between the Chatbot and the buyer makes it easy to obtain information about the customer that is processed to direct them as appropriate.

It also frees the buyer from the hassle of reading many pages.

Just start the process with a simple, interactive conversation

“I am looking for health insurance.” The conversation could go on as follows:

Chatbot: “I’ll be happy to help. Please help me understand your requirements with more details. how old are you?”

Potential buyer: “30”

Chatbot: “Do you have any dependents?”

Potential Buyer: “No”

Chatbot: “Do you have a record of any of the following cases (specify the appropriate conditions)?”

Potential buyers correspond to one of the common listed cases.

Chatbot: “How much are you looking to pay in installments (select the domain)?”

A potential buyer corresponds to one of the common listed cases.

Chatbot: “Thanks for the info! We are ready with a list of plans that are right for you. Can you share your email address so I can send it to you? ‘

Once a potential buyer has decided on one of the plans, the online chatbot buying process can also be simplified as follows:

Chatbot: “Allow me to bring you the application form.

You can reach him at the link below, pre-populated with your basic contact information. We have filled it out for you, you can access and complete the form as per your convenience.

Your login details have been emailed to you.

Do not hesitate to inquire at any time. Thank you!”

Installment payments management

The bot can handle the process of sending payment messages for insurance premiums, and communicate with customers in this regard, as according to the study, companies cost $ 6 per traditional call.

With a client in this regard.

This is what a chatbot can do while saving about 40% on after-sales follow-up costs.

After sales stage

Automated compensation management

Using AI, the chatbot can archive your claim for compensation, and first damage assessment (FNOL).

In addition, it examines policy clauses, compensation cases, and verifies fraud that the company may be exposed to.

That is, the chatbot can settle the request completely, with high efficiency, without errors calculated on the company, and without human intervention, i.e. double benefit for the company and the customer.

This trend has become known as Smart Claim Settlement.

Customer evaluation

By using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze text within chatbots and other applications, it can help employees to classify risks and customers in terms of behavior and record damages and thus display a premium payment model that reduces the size of losses that companies may suffer.

How can insurance companies benefit from a chatbot?


Perhaps in recent years it was difficult to accept the idea of ​​an insurance company operating through an automated employee such as a chatbot.

Especially since the nature of these companies ’work is based on manual operations.

Such as filling out papers and contracts, examining questionnaires, and serving clients directly at the companies’ headquarters so that they can pay and renew the insurance policy, etc.

But there is a big horizon for the services provided by chatbots.

An increasing number of insurance companies have listed chatbots on their websites.

But what made companies see chatbots as a tool for business growth that they should invest in?

Cognizant has prepared a study that includes more than 100 common chatbot templates

In insurance companies and other financial institutions in order to reach the best possible model for insurance companies, and I obtained the following results:

The proficiency that the chatbot will present can be measured through 3 criteria, namely the ability to communicate, comprehensiveness, the ability to analyze text and integration with other channels.

By these three criteria, insurance companies need chatbots

Advanced enough, capable of performing these three tasks together, or so it is known

With Advanced Chatbot.

Making an insurance policy sale is a process that includes 4 main stages:

1- Pre-sales (customer marketing, product development).

2- Sale (managing requests, issuance processes of insurance policies, and payment methods).

3- After sales (policy renewal operations).

4- Managing clients’ claims for compensation

(The process of verifying the claim for compensation and settlement of the claim, so-called FNOL or First Look at Damage)

Chatbots can Interact with users in personal conversations


The most important stage in the sales channel is not to attract visitors to your online store, but how to deal with them,

What is the experience they will get while browsing the products on your site?

According to Statista studies, 75% of visitors need help. And more passes

From 5 minutes without providing answers to their questions, it reduces their chances of re-capturing their attention by about 400%.

Having a button that allows the visitor to interact with the bot in e-commerce can provide website visitors:

A personal welcome message to the user with his name, which gives the user a good impression of interest

Branding is, according to psychologists and sales professionals, a personal greeting to a potential customer

One of the four triggers to complete the purchase.

– The bot can pose questions to the user that it sends to offer products that suit his preferences accordingly

For the answers he will choose.

Providing information about the product easily, thus reducing the time the user spends searching for the product and its features.

Promote and display products similar to those that the visitor showed interest in.

– Provide all the information that the user needs about payment and shipment processes, and thus reduce

His concerns and avoiding bouncing off the purchase due to lack of information on the site’s policy.

– The difference in the experience that you offer in your online store, and the ease with which the visitor can find what he is looking for

Makes a strong connection between the brand and the user.

“75% of e-commerce site visitors are looking for help, and likelihood of purchase is relative.”

For the user if he is unable to obtain it, it will be reduced by 400%.

How does Argomall use Messenger chatbots to increase purchase rates?

Argomall is the largest online marketplace in the Philippines, which specializes in selling electronic products

With lists of more than 3 thousand products. Argomall used the chatbot for following purpose

The user starts from the start of use until the completion of the purchase and payment process without the need to exit from

Messenger application.

The bot increased the ROI by 23 times, and the percentage of sales

Through advertising campaigns on Facebook, about 10%.

“Some companies have begun to resort to so-called chatbots based on specific triggers.

It means that the bot appears and initiates a conversation when a user performs a specific action, such as visiting

Cart and out of it, or stay for a long time on the same page in the site, or visit pages

Lots of products without buying any of them ”

. Recover e-commerce users with new targeted campaigns

Even the best sites that offer an excellent shopping experience to visitors cannot convert a large percentage of them into

Buyers on the first visit. Chatbots help increase the time spent on the user

On the site and interact with it, but is this enough to increase the percentage of purchase from the site?

It’s normal, not all of your site visitors have ready-to-buy money at that point, and average ratio

Visitors who go directly to purchase from the first time range from 3 to 5%. But a large percentage

Of these visitors can be recovered through retargeting campaigns that send notifications to the user

Contain offers on products, or remind him of what he was wanting to buy.

Chatbots allow a large amount of data collected about users, and with their help,

Or by using other tools to divide the visitors who left the site at the various stages of the purchase,

And re-correspondence with them with different texts and messages, analyze their responses and then determine any of the messages

Or, user segments are the most likely to complete the purchases, thus focusing your advertising budget on that segment of users.

Chatbots and E-commerce: How can chatbots improve conversion rates from shopping carts?


E-commerce sites are seeing returns on purchases approaching 79% of their total number of visitors.

This large percentage is what pushed many companies to try to find solutions and benefit from this amount

An overwhelming number of visitors showing an interest in purchasing, may leave the site leaving their cart without completing the purchase.

The difference between traditional stores and electronic stores is the assistance that the seller provides to the buyer either

If he has a question, or he’s looking for something in the store. The electronic buying experience has always been missed

Personal communication and interaction between the visitor and the store, and this is perhaps one of the main reasons for the high rates

To stop buying products from e-commerce sites.

Chatbots provide effective solutions to improve the shopping experience and maximize conversion rates.

A chatbot can engage shoppers at every step of their purchase, guiding them throughout their journey

Within the site, interact with them and re-attract them to return and complete the purchase.

How can you improve the purchase rates on your online store through a chatbot?

1- Attracting more new customers through electronic commerce

A large portion of visitors to e-commerce sites come from Facebook.

Therefore, having a chatbot that accompanies these visitors in the sales channel stages is an important part of the sales process.

The traditional way to advertise your online store products is to display the products in an online advertisement

Facebook with a link to direct your visitor to the product page on your site. This method lacks a lot of

Effectiveness, because maybe this is the first time for this visitor to enter your website, or he needs a

Help and interaction to motivate him to complete the purchase process.

Chatbots provide effective solutions at all stages of the sales channel:

The bot can start a conversation automatically once the user has written a comment on the private advertisement

You on Facebook, then the bot will then display the products from your store in a more interactive experience,

With the possibility of providing the option to pay through the bot without the need to go out to an external landing page,

Including the integration of chatbots with payment platforms.

– It is possible to re-interact with users who showed interest in the purchase process and then declined in the stages

The last, where the chatbots provide data and analysis of the stage at which the user stopped, and thus

He can be retargeted with notifications reminding him that his shopping cart contains products he didn’t have

Buy them.

This can be done with retargeting campaigns, especially during product offer periods.

The bot can increase the completion rates of purchases from Messenger ads through

Instant interaction with the user by simply clicking on the advertisement, and the user switches to his shopping cart.

The chatbot can be used as an interactive assistant on the website’s pages to help visitors easily find what they are looking for.

Chatbots provide a large amount of data and information about users, and thus can

Using this analyzed data to target a Lookalike Audience of the audience with the highest conversion and purchase rates.

5 new technology solutions for interactive chatbots await in 2020


Chatbot applications have transformed the way companies in various industries interact with their customers.

Many companies have found chatbots as an effective solution

And cheap to improve most of the services they provide and among them the customer service that was

It is characterized by weakness and delay in sending responses, which used to anger the customers, but the chatbot has become a special assistant for each customer, and it is ready to respond to it 24 hours, with

Lower cost to businesses than hiring a large customer service unit.

According to estimates, 68% of large organizations around the world will make chatbots a part of their customer service sector with solutions.

End of 2020. This statistic indicates a great deal of competition between companies to benefit from

The solutions provided by the technology in satisfying their customers and gaining a greater market share, as immediate and interactive customer service providers of great quality.

Interactive chatbots, despite what they offer, are in a constant state of evolution in particular

In recent years, what lies ahead in 2020?

1- Video Bot

Since 2015, we have already seen the emergence of voice-controlled robots

Like Alexa and Google Home. However, this technology has not yet been integrated into the chatbot.

But in 2020 we will likely see a chat window powered by a bot that understands what

We say without having to write the transcript of the conversation.

Indian telecom giant Reliance Jio has already taken a big step in this aspect.

The company recently launched a video robot that uses natural language comprehension technology for intelligence

Artificial AI, where it can interpret what we say.

Corporate investment in chatbots that can understand normal human speech aims to provide

Greater interactive and realistic service while humans talk to the robot and gain their trust.

2- Self-learning chatbots

When it comes to solving a query, chatbots offer database-based or

Texts ready to respond.

The main disadvantage of this type of chat software is the fact that it requires data entry

New to respond to questions that arise on the chatbot and cannot reply

Them, which is usually a long time.

But in the case of machine self-learning, these robots learn by themselves and constantly train themselves with each interaction.

One of the best examples of this type of interactive chatbot is the one he designed

Facebook AI Research Group and Stanford University. The robot is designed

In a way that she constantly learns and improves her speech based on the comments of other users

3- Incorporate payment methods into the interactive chatbots window

Once the payment process is integrated from within the chat window, it will be easier for consumers to do their shopping online.

This will also eliminate the need to visit a website to complete the process.

Companies are working on various ways to achieve this.

One of the popular methods is to provide your chatbot window with a payment app interface, and by doing so, whenever

A push has occurred, the bot sends a request to the API and comes back again with a link to continue.

However, there are many banks and companies that have considered this idea but have not implemented it

Yet due to privacy concerns, but in 2020 things and this concept may change

It will become mainstream, as it is expected to generate a lot of revenue by making the process easier and fewer steps.

4- Chatbot for institutions

Organizations have a great need for chatbots. For example, a chatbot can no longer

Respond to basic inquiries related to human resources and services instead of wasting staff time on it.

It can also be used in the initial hiring process and screening of candidates based on their answers to some of the questions asked by the bot.

Among those models are Engazify, Amber, and other interactive chatbots

(Chatbots) that are already used by some famous names such as Visa, IBM and ITC to automate hiring processes.

5- Emotionally intelligent interactive chatbots

The most likely developing developments are robots. One of the reasons

The main pursuit of making chatting more humane is the fact that there are reports indicating that

Clients don’t use chatting because conversations have become robotic. although

Companies are already starting to come up with robots that can provide personalized answers, but the robotic core is still there.

And in 2020, with AI as the main catalyst for innovations

New, the possibility of getting more robots that can show an emotional interaction with the user is not far off.

Where do the errors in creating a chatbot come from


In 2017, the SATBots AI failure rate was 70%.

Likewise, industry estimates indicate that one in seven conversations are with a chatbot

He is eventually directed to a customer service employee and one in eight is abandoned altogether.

One of the problems behind this lack of limitations in bot capabilities is the inconsistency of the data fed into the bot.

Here is where the problems can be avoided with the bot!

Enterprise information structures are known for carrying contradictory information between different departments within an organization.

The chatbot needs to integrate the information and data structure across the various departments of the company.

For example, if an update on the address of a customer arrives for the sales team to send his order, the order and data are connected to the similar field in the database of the logistics management system, this echo of entering data throughout the entire system that helps the bot learn.

This is not achieved in many institutions.

 Create a successful chatbot

Experience from many chatbots powered by AI has concluded that iPaas is the most effective solution yet.

Whether the solution is in the cloud or outsourced,

Connecting data sets within the organization enables the creation of a chatbot that contains

Patterns and predictions based on true intelligence, a more efficient system and less problematic.

How to create an effective chatbot?


Whatever your industry, you have a chance to enter the chatbot era.

And make part of the tasks that you and your team have fully automated by creating an effective chatbot.

Technology research agency Gartner Inc says that by 2020,

85% of transactions within companies will take place through AI technologies, including chatbots, from customer contact using AI.

It also anticipates a trend towards developing more specialized chatbots as solutions tailored to specific workplaces and tasks within companies such as people and make them an essential part of the corporate structure.

We are already seeing this consolidation in customer service, sales and marketing through to logistics and inventory management, as well as proliferation in areas such as cybersecurity and financial management.

The effectiveness of a chatbot is that it can double productivity and automate routine work for customers, users, and management alike.

But the biggest challenge facing chatbots today is data entry.

How can data be used that enables the bot to deal with all questions and requests directed to it?

The following will provide you with the following to avoid (or address) the common pitfalls you face in spreading Chatbot technologies.

Creating a chatbot needs contextual data:

Companies want to create a chatbot that addresses the largest possible number of questions and scenarios as quickly and accurately as possible from the first day.

However, AI is an educational technology, not a gear in a machine that once installed it will work!

Thus the better the chatbot interacts with other applications, the more it can

The faster he learns and collects data, the more prepared he will be when customers ask him various questions and thus he will be more effective and smarter in responding.

Humans interact with the bot in the same way that they would prefer to chat with a friend, for example,

There are no specific rules or phrases that will be repeated every time they speak to the bot.

There are lots of words with similar meanings, slang phrases and expressions.

Every request is different, even when the answer is the same, but the wording of the question asked to the bot is different.

Where can a bot collect data that has a clear context to help it learn?

Simply, the chatbot learns whenever it communicates with other platforms.

This is what provides him with so much data that he can place them in a context in which to understand each

What is being offered to customers in the future.

It requires institutions to link the AI ​​through which the bot works with the company’s data sources and cloud data from different platforms and provide a broad data base that enables it to predict the answer that the customer is looking for.

Working as an integral part of the overall system architecture and databases within companies, provides a robot with access to data in its clear context that it can understand and create a clear path to solve problems.

Teaching chatbots begins in the testing phase:

Expecting your chatbot to be fully functional from day one puts great pressure on the testing phase.

Integration with several external data sources with a company’s own in the pilot phase can be very costly.

But because of its importance, companies are pursuing a new strategy to do so, which is the integration and linking of chatbots, which is in the process of experimenting with special applications, other companies through a cloud systems integration system called iPaas to speed up the process of learning it from an already stable system.

And it already has databases of dealing with clients.

Ideally, the test should use the same direct data sources as

The chatbot is expected to work on it eventually, but clients don’t want to be exposed to the learning phase and organizations don’t want to risk their business information being compromised in any way.