How to create a website and profit from it (hundreds of dollars):


Have you ever thought about how to create a website and benefit from it? Yes, creating a blog and making a profit from it is one of the best ways to profit from the Internet for beginners and professionals as well, and it is among the most popular ways that are used to make money online. Now it’s your turn. Do you really want to make money from the Internet? Do you want to create a real project online? Do you really want to create a blog and profit from it? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide you with everything you will need to earn via your website, from creating the site to profiting from it. Let me tell you that this guide is a treasure trove of information for everyone who wants to earn real money from the net. That is why I want you to focus on me well and read this article very carefully. In short, everything you will need to earn from your website will be found here on our profit website to work online. What did you decide? Are you really going to read this article to the end? If your answer is yes, congratulations to you and now all you need to do is bring a cup of hot coffee and start reading this article.

But before that you were one of the people looking for:

Quick profit

Profit from the Internet more than $ 500 without effort.

Unfortunately, this article is not for you, this is not there, and if you are searching for these things, then all you do is waste your time only. We are here to talk about working on the real Internet.

Now let me introduce you to a few steps that you must follow before creating your website.

How to create a website and profit from it:

1- Choose the correct, reliable platform to create a website

2- Choosing a proper and specific domain name, as well as hosting the site.

3- Preparing the private website (template…)

Choosing the right platform:

It is the root of your website, so we must select a robust platform because it gives our website strength and security.

Why is the WordPress platform the right platform to create and profit from your website?

Several things make WordPress the perfect choice for beginners:

Easy to install: You can install WordPress with one click of most of its hosting services, and it is free and available with many features in addition to excellent customer support.

Its community is healthy: so that whenever you encounter any problem, you can turn to the Google search engine, and you will find solutions to your questions.

Response: This platform can set many available features (you can control your site and change its appearance … without any programming experience).

Ease of use: WordPress is for all of its users due to its easy-to-use functionality and if you have no programming experience.

Create my own website:

First, what are a domain and hosting?

Domain is the domain name for your website and it is called the URL that is used to search for your website. For example, the domain name for our website is

As for hosting, which is the host, it means the server responsible for storing all the data and files related to your site. In short, to create your website, you need a domain name for your website (for example and hosting it.

As for buying a domain, you can use the namecheap site to buy it (it is the same site from which I purchase my domains monthly). It is a great site and gives you many advantages as it accepts Paypal payment. The price of the range starts from 0.99 annually. But I prefer .com domains and it only costs 9 dollars.

As for hosting, the best suitable cheap hosting to create the website, I mean building your website, you are a beginner or a professional, it is bluehost hosting, it is really excellent and it also provides you with free domain in the first year. It has been proposed by WordPress itself as one of the best WordPress hosts In the world .

You can view its review in detail (from us personally), how to buy it, its features, in addition to a discount of about 50 + gifts awaiting you by clicking here: Bluehost hosting review.

How to create a blog and profit from it:

Now that we have bought the domain and hosting, all that we need now is to create a blog for the purpose of profiting from the Internet through it is a template in addition to some things and simple modifications.

1- Installing WordPress with Bluehost Hosting:

Now that you have purchased the bluehost hosting (I will not explain how to buy because I wrote a whole article about it so I read that article and refer to this article). Now we should go to our cpanel board (it appears immediately after purchasing the hosting) and then click on the option to install WordPress in BlueHost.

After that, set the details like e-mail and password to install WordPress.

After installation, you can log in to your site by clicking Login from cpanel control panel.

2- Add a good template for your site

How do you earn money from your website?

There are many conventional ways that you can earn money through your website, and in this paragraph I will shorten the way for you so that I will introduce you to the best of these methods in order to profit from the Internet through your site.

Affiliate marketing

– Profit from ads on your site

– Sell ​​your digital products (for example, a PDF book)

– Write promotional articles

– Review the products

– Benefit from your website by selling advertising space


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