How has the fashion industry changed recently? Is technology the only solution to maintain the industry today?


Designer Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld says technology interferes with everything in the world whether you like it or not because it in one way or another changes the world. This is what technology does with a rapidly spreading Coronavirus pandemic.

The fashion industry that results in famous and unpopular fashion shows is like all other industries that have been affected by the spread of the virus, especially since fashion shows gather hundreds, in addition to fashion models and workers in this field, we do not deny that many fashion shows have already been canceled, but some The other refused to give up, and many other methods were created using technology and the Internet, as we will mention in this report later.

Technology and fashion

Machines are already used in the fashion industry at different stages and in different forms, and e-commerce has become an essential part of the way clothes are sold as they are to sell all other purposes, and we should not forget to talk about the ways of marketing clothes and fashion on social networking sites and the competition between brands to get On the customer satisfaction by her path.

So why is it so uncommon or undesirable for many designers and performers to use technology to change the style of fashion shows?

Not the first time!

Before the pandemic spread, before 2019 and 2020, of course, no one in the industry had to use technology to present innovative fashion shows to showcase their business.


In the fall of 1998 it was the first fashion show to be recorded on electronic cylindrical and transmitted over the Internet by Australian fashion designer Helmut Lang Helmut Lang, the designer says he found that the use of the Internet is growing in the world more than anyone imagined, so he tried to add some challenge to his work , And do it online for the first time.

Fashion shows used technology in 1998 for the first time


Of course, many designers were not open to such ideas that were new at that time, however in the summer of 2000 the first e-commerce site specializing in clothing and fashion was launched, in addition to the designers’ fear of change, they also fear that their designs may be stolen or Copy them one way or another, and this is what the Internet achieves by making all fashion and clothing open to everyone and also available to everyone.

Imagine those designers who were afraid to steal their designs are now posting them on social media, it’s really ironic.


In the fall of 2006, designer McQueen made a surprise that no one expected in his group’s fashion show, as designers used to put their masterpieces from each group at the end with the appearance of the designer himself, but he did not do so, but he showed his masterpieces by using the hologram technique amid the applause and amazement of everyone. .

The use of technology in fashion shows and the use of holograms

Spring of 2010

It was the year that witnessed a different shift in the world of fashion shows when McCoyne and Nick Knight collaborated in showing the fashion show and launching a live broadcast on the Internet. This show was not normal and was not just a live broadcast on the Internet, but 3D cameras and mobile robots were used to photograph Models are on the walkway and transported as desired by online designers in the best possible way.


In the fall of 2014, drones were used to provide live broadcasts on the Internet of the fashion displayed on the Fendi website.

All of the above tells us that the fashion industry has already changed by using various and varied techniques such as 3D printing to prepare some pieces or design clothes using LED lights. He also posted models of selfies and their clothing on social media while walking on the aisle, Runway, and other ways of fashion designers to use technology to show off their performances dazzlingly

Many design companies also use different methods of data analysis to produce distinctive pieces of clothing through which they can get more admiration and more sales of course, and despite all of the above you find that some design events and homes refuse to use technology to overcome stone barriers Health due to corona virus.


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