How can insurance companies benefit from a chatbot?


Perhaps in recent years it was difficult to accept the idea of ​​an insurance company operating through an automated employee such as a chatbot.

Especially since the nature of these companies ’work is based on manual operations.

Such as filling out papers and contracts, examining questionnaires, and serving clients directly at the companies’ headquarters so that they can pay and renew the insurance policy, etc.

But there is a big horizon for the services provided by chatbots.

An increasing number of insurance companies have listed chatbots on their websites.

But what made companies see chatbots as a tool for business growth that they should invest in?

Cognizant has prepared a study that includes more than 100 common chatbot templates

In insurance companies and other financial institutions in order to reach the best possible model for insurance companies, and I obtained the following results:

The proficiency that the chatbot will present can be measured through 3 criteria, namely the ability to communicate, comprehensiveness, the ability to analyze text and integration with other channels.

By these three criteria, insurance companies need chatbots

Advanced enough, capable of performing these three tasks together, or so it is known

With Advanced Chatbot.

Making an insurance policy sale is a process that includes 4 main stages:

1- Pre-sales (customer marketing, product development).

2- Sale (managing requests, issuance processes of insurance policies, and payment methods).

3- After sales (policy renewal operations).

4- Managing clients’ claims for compensation

(The process of verifying the claim for compensation and settlement of the claim, so-called FNOL or First Look at Damage)


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