European automakers are trying to keep up with Tesla with faster chargers


The largest car manufacturers in Europe mobilized their full strength and expert skills in the old continent to build a network of high-speed charging stations for electric cars, as they seek to drive the demand for this type of car and break the dominance of the American company Tesla.

According to Reuters, “BMW”, “Volkswagen”, “Ford and Daimler” companies are planning to build four hundred of the next generation electric charging stations in Europe, which can charge an electric car in minutes instead of hours.

The long time it takes to charge electric car batteries is one of the biggest disadvantages of these cars, compared to conventional cars that can be filled with fuel within seconds.

Currently, electric vehicle drivers must leave their vehicles attached to the charger for several hours at the charging station during an intercity trip, which makes many long trips impractical.

The installation of new faster chargers will stimulate the market in general, and helps traditional car manufacturers close the gap with Tesla, which leads the electric car market and has a network of its own charging stations, and its chargers are the fastest in the industry today but are not compatible with the electric cars of competitors.

Reuters quoted people familiar with the fact that auto manufacturers are attracting experts from energy companies and the European engineering industry, including the German “Energy”, “Eon”, “Siemens”, and Portuguese “Evesys”, all of which are developing this technology.

The new 350-kilowatt chargers will be about three times more powerful than Tesla’s chargers.

A spokesman for Ford – on behalf of the coalition of European carmakers mentioned – said that talks had begun with potential partners, adding that he expected many energy suppliers to join the planned network, without providing further details.

It is reported that Tesla CEO hinted that his company will not be overpowered, and Elon Musk added in a tweet on his Twitter account that the 350-kilowatt chargers are a “children’s game.”


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