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Chatbots can Interact with users in personal conversations


The most important stage in the sales channel is not to attract visitors to your online store, but how to deal with them,

What is the experience they will get while browsing the products on your site?

According to Statista studies, 75% of visitors need help. And more passes

From 5 minutes without providing answers to their questions, it reduces their chances of re-capturing their attention by about 400%.

Having a button that allows the visitor to interact with the bot in e-commerce can provide website visitors:

A personal welcome message to the user with his name, which gives the user a good impression of interest

Branding is, according to psychologists and sales professionals, a personal greeting to a potential customer

One of the four triggers to complete the purchase.

– The bot can pose questions to the user that it sends to offer products that suit his preferences accordingly

For the answers he will choose.

Providing information about the product easily, thus reducing the time the user spends searching for the product and its features.

Promote and display products similar to those that the visitor showed interest in.

– Provide all the information that the user needs about payment and shipment processes, and thus reduce

His concerns and avoiding bouncing off the purchase due to lack of information on the site’s policy.

– The difference in the experience that you offer in your online store, and the ease with which the visitor can find what he is looking for

Makes a strong connection between the brand and the user.

“75% of e-commerce site visitors are looking for help, and likelihood of purchase is relative.”

For the user if he is unable to obtain it, it will be reduced by 400%.

How does Argomall use Messenger chatbots to increase purchase rates?

Argomall is the largest online marketplace in the Philippines, which specializes in selling electronic products

With lists of more than 3 thousand products. Argomall used the chatbot for following purpose

The user starts from the start of use until the completion of the purchase and payment process without the need to exit from

Messenger application.

The bot increased the ROI by 23 times, and the percentage of sales

Through advertising campaigns on Facebook, about 10%.

“Some companies have begun to resort to so-called chatbots based on specific triggers.

It means that the bot appears and initiates a conversation when a user performs a specific action, such as visiting

Cart and out of it, or stay for a long time on the same page in the site, or visit pages

Lots of products without buying any of them ”

. Recover e-commerce users with new targeted campaigns

Even the best sites that offer an excellent shopping experience to visitors cannot convert a large percentage of them into

Buyers on the first visit. Chatbots help increase the time spent on the user

On the site and interact with it, but is this enough to increase the percentage of purchase from the site?

It’s normal, not all of your site visitors have ready-to-buy money at that point, and average ratio

Visitors who go directly to purchase from the first time range from 3 to 5%. But a large percentage

Of these visitors can be recovered through retargeting campaigns that send notifications to the user

Contain offers on products, or remind him of what he was wanting to buy.

Chatbots allow a large amount of data collected about users, and with their help,

Or by using other tools to divide the visitors who left the site at the various stages of the purchase,

And re-correspondence with them with different texts and messages, analyze their responses and then determine any of the messages

Or, user segments are the most likely to complete the purchases, thus focusing your advertising budget on that segment of users.



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