Chatbots and E-commerce: How can chatbots improve conversion rates from shopping carts?


E-commerce sites are seeing returns on purchases approaching 79% of their total number of visitors.

This large percentage is what pushed many companies to try to find solutions and benefit from this amount

An overwhelming number of visitors showing an interest in purchasing, may leave the site leaving their cart without completing the purchase.

The difference between traditional stores and electronic stores is the assistance that the seller provides to the buyer either

If he has a question, or he’s looking for something in the store. The electronic buying experience has always been missed

Personal communication and interaction between the visitor and the store, and this is perhaps one of the main reasons for the high rates

To stop buying products from e-commerce sites.

Chatbots provide effective solutions to improve the shopping experience and maximize conversion rates.

A chatbot can engage shoppers at every step of their purchase, guiding them throughout their journey

Within the site, interact with them and re-attract them to return and complete the purchase.

How can you improve the purchase rates on your online store through a chatbot?

1- Attracting more new customers through electronic commerce

A large portion of visitors to e-commerce sites come from Facebook.

Therefore, having a chatbot that accompanies these visitors in the sales channel stages is an important part of the sales process.

The traditional way to advertise your online store products is to display the products in an online advertisement

Facebook with a link to direct your visitor to the product page on your site. This method lacks a lot of

Effectiveness, because maybe this is the first time for this visitor to enter your website, or he needs a

Help and interaction to motivate him to complete the purchase process.

Chatbots provide effective solutions at all stages of the sales channel:

The bot can start a conversation automatically once the user has written a comment on the private advertisement

You on Facebook, then the bot will then display the products from your store in a more interactive experience,

With the possibility of providing the option to pay through the bot without the need to go out to an external landing page,

Including the integration of chatbots with payment platforms.

– It is possible to re-interact with users who showed interest in the purchase process and then declined in the stages

The last, where the chatbots provide data and analysis of the stage at which the user stopped, and thus

He can be retargeted with notifications reminding him that his shopping cart contains products he didn’t have

Buy them.

This can be done with retargeting campaigns, especially during product offer periods.

The bot can increase the completion rates of purchases from Messenger ads through

Instant interaction with the user by simply clicking on the advertisement, and the user switches to his shopping cart.

The chatbot can be used as an interactive assistant on the website’s pages to help visitors easily find what they are looking for.

Chatbots provide a large amount of data and information about users, and thus can

Using this analyzed data to target a Lookalike Audience of the audience with the highest conversion and purchase rates.


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