Chat bots in the gaming world


Chat applications are integrated with video games thanks to chatbots

Chat bots, which has strengthened their ability to do more than just chat.

Order food, book tickets, place an order, and now video games.

With new platforms like Facebook’s Instant Games, players can play video games directly through messaging platforms without a separate app.

The chatbot provides quick and easy access to games in a social environment.

And an enjoyable gaming experience as the messaging applications have 1.3 billion monthly users.

So you are not alone. If your friends cannot play, you will be able to find other gaming partners.

All you have to do is choose a game you like and share it in the chat with your friend

Or a group of friends and then the bot will organize the game and make it more interactive and interesting.

Messaging apps like WeChat, Telegram, Kik, and Messenger

They were the first applications to incorporate HTML5 games, developed by external developers, and incorporated by those platforms into their system.

Chat bots for technical support for players

Pro gamers form a fanatical community, which is also a very active and fast community, and needs support in case of trouble or bug around the clock.

To be able to provide customer service that meets the high expectations of the gaming community,

Chatbots might be the best solution.

In particular, since chatbots can provide support to players around the clock, at a very low cost compared to a human support team, for example.

Game companies often have a top priority which is product quality, meaning the game itself while essentially leaving the operator’s service to self-service channels.

If the gaming company already has human support, then chatbots work perfectly to bridge the gap between automated support and human support.

So far, Discord and Facebook Messenger, are the best platforms for embedding gaming chatbots.

Chike Agbai, CEO and founder of developer company Chatbot Azumo says:

“CHAT BOTS are the most effective for this problem.

The user can inform the robot about the problem, and have the robot start the automation process necessary to solve the problem.

Chat bots and the Discord

Discord is a social media program specially designed for the gaming community, which specializes in

In text, video and voice communications between users in the chat channel.

There are many bots that run Discord.

As these robots help players to have fun, communicate with each other, manage the team, interact with players, organize the playing frame, and remind them of the results of matches between them.

And events related to their favorite games.

Examples of bots running Discord:

GAwesome Bot

It is a chatbot with a high potential for modifications and development. It manages the conversations between the players, and provides a lot of fun options to the players.

It also has the ability to block and stop violent players along with other opponents.

Also, reward game members with a fair play rating that gives them an advantage while playing.

It can also show results from Google, Riddit, Youtube, which makes it one of the most unique bots.


Through it, you can interact with your friends in the gaming community and share your data and statistics with them.

This bot can display your stats from many different games

Including PUBG, Rust, Paragon, World of Worships, Xbox Live and many other games.


Excellent choice for multiplayer games. If you need help from other players,

Or include new players on your team, and improve your abilities to complete missions, this robot is what you are looking for. Moreover, he can share team members updates.

Among the games it supports are WoW, Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, PUBG, Destiny, Minecraft, and Call of Duty.

The future of chatbots in games

Mobile game developer Kabam has integrated Chat bot into its most successful free games, Marvel: Contest of Champions.

The so-called “MCOC Infobot” can assist players by answering simple questions, providing high-resolution information, or directing them to common, related questions.

It is predicted that in the near future and in less than 10 years, the most lucrative chatbots will be those that are highly gaming.

Especially with the development witnessed by the bots that support converting voice to text and executing voice commands, which will open a new market for games that can be played through voice guidance only.


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