Can OnePlus 8 Pro penetrate clothing and see through it?


A number of users of the OnePlus 8 Pro recently released by One Plus were surprised by its super camera that can see through some black materials such as clothes and plastic through a new infrared sensor to improve night image performance and add a new color layer to get better pictures, so how this technology works ? Are they really X-Ray or are they just a color filter? Doesn’t this feature violate our privacy and should be turned off by the manufacturer? Or is the issue normal and amplified in technical circles exaggerated for profitable purposes?

How did the problem start and who discovered it?

Ben Geskin was the first person to discover this feature and tweeted on a short video showing the Apple TV device under the filter, to show the internal components strange, to begin comments and similar videos spread madly on social media, most notably a clip on a channel Unbox Therapy, in which he displayed some black controllers and their internal components, and displayed the ability to see through the black fabric.

You can try the new technology on your own by getting the OnePlus 8 Pro phone and opening the default camera application and then dragging to the side to access the color filter called PhotoChrom, but you will be surprised that the phone does not have super power, but it really can see through some black thin plastic and light black clothes.

The correct interpretation of seeing through clothes

The company refused to comment on the accusations that it received regarding the topic or give a practical explanation of how this supernatural phenomenon occurred, but the process is done with the help of an infrared sensor and can see details that the human eye cannot notice, and to help you more in understanding the topic, try directing your phone’s camera to the ray lamp Infrared in the head of the remote control and you will notice that the light is already pulsating with a red light, the subject is similar to this process, but the new sensor is more sophisticated and accurate so that it can capture the radiation that passes through some of the black materials, and it is separate from the remaining three cameras and works with 5 megapixels only .

The nature and uses of infrared radiation

Infrared is one of the radiation of the electromagnetic spectrum that falls under the visible light of the human eye, and it is sometimes called heat radiation, but we often do not think about it but we feel it every day because half of the energy reaches the earth through infrared waves emitted from the sun traveling through space Outer.

There are a large number of applications that use infrared sensors, such as the doors that open automatically when we pass in front of them, or night vision cameras that can see in complete darkness and thermal cameras, and infrared can traverse some of the delicate materials and pass through them to reflect the visible light that distinguishes our eyes , And some devices can see through wooden doors and thin walls, such as firefighters use to see the fire and smoke inside the buildings before they enter.

Was OnePlus the first to use this technology?

Oneplus was not the first company to use infrared sensors, as the technology is already present in phones with what is called Depth Sensors, but the images resulting from these sensors can not be viewed separately unless the phone is broken, and all facial recognition techniques that Operating in the dark has an infrared source with a sensor next to it, i.e. an infrared camera like the one we’re talking about today.

The new feature is very fun at first sight, but later you’ll discover that your captured images are poor and will get bored minutes after using the filter and return to using other lenses.

OnePlus faces charges and says the solution is coming

Speaking of privacy, OnePlus will definitely face a broad criticism of the possibility of seeing through thin black clothes despite the limited types, the fabric is woven fibers that the rays can penetrate, and sometimes it can be seen through the clothes with the naked eye, which means that the OnePlus problem is real and may bring Legal implications later, as reported by most of the technical sites and YouTube channels, charges that Sony faced in the 1990s when it launched a camera to shoot video with a night vision feature that can see through clothing, and was subsequently forced to withdraw all cameras from the market.


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