5 important advantages that you get when using Marketing through Chatbot Messenger


Marketing through chatbot messenger is one of the areas most effective in expanding your reach to a larger audience of customers and expanding your audience base.

The markets have also seen effective implementation of chatbots.

This was represented in its use in sales as an electronic market, conversion rates, and content marketing, in addition to reducing a lot of time for customers to accomplish many of those tasks by making the sequence of operations happen automatically.

Therefore, entrepreneurs and business owners have an urgent necessity to take this step and build a chatbot for their companies now before tomorrow.

The commercial value added by the chatbot – not to mention of course the technical boom – may well be perceived by those interacting with technology.

But business owners may be wondering what the creation of a chatbot messenger might add to their company? lets take alook :

1- Saving a lot of time and effort

Unlike traditional customer service representatives who are present to respond to customer inquiries

Only during business hours, chatbots can be there to serve customers 24/7.

In addition to being always available to respond – not only an automatic response but an automatic and interactive response that simulates a human conversation – it can deal with more customers easily and build better trust with them without having to hire more people.

This saves you time and money with more customer satisfaction.

The big difference that chatbots make on customer service operations is their ability to solve problems and respond to frequent questions and simple operations that cut a lot of employees’ time, but rather do so in less time and with higher efficiency, and thus free up a lot of time.

Them to accomplish other tasks

Setting up a chatbot does not take much effort or work, and the results you can get from it are definitely worth a try.

2- You can provide personalized content to your clients

The chatbot can be your personal assistant in carrying out large tasks without much effort. How do ?

You always need to interact with and share with your customers, the content, offers and services that you provide on an ongoing basis.

But to attract their attention and increase the percentage of interaction, you need to send personal messages in the name of each customer, and not just a commercial offer.

Which a bot can easily do.

When starting a conversation with the customer, the bot sends him a message in his name, with several questions ending with a call button or a form that he fills out and thus you can get his data,

Which can be used in interactive messages, gives you an excellent first impression, and it does not feel

The customer can talk to a robot, as the bot also has the ability to change the greeting and the content of the messages according to the time it is sent, whether in the morning or evening.

This interaction between the bot and the client helps you determine their priorities and thus the quality of the content

That he wishes to obtain, and understand the customer more until he reaches to gain his trust.

3- Facilitating the entry of customers into the sale path

A good chatbot can take customers through the four main parts of the sales funnel: awareness, concern, decision, and implementation.

As the process of attracting customer attention is more focused and accurate in targeting.

He does not need to visit your website, or your Facebook page.

Only once you interact with you through Messenger can you send your content and start entering it

In the purchasing stages until the decision is made.

Interested people, you can then re-target them with more in-depth content in the services you provide, and then you can make the sale.

“The chatbot can continue to offer more products and services that the customer might be interested in.”

4- The automatic communication process on the chatbot messenger

A special feature of the bot is when the Comment Guard feature is enabled.

The chatbot can communicate with all users who leave a comment on your advertisement,

Hence an ongoing process of acquiring data and creating potential sales.

5- Chatbot Messenger is more effective than email

Chatbot marketing is the enhanced form of email marketing.

The simplest and most direct way to deliver content to your audience is through a chat blast, and through it 60-70% of ad open rate is achieved.

All you need to get started is a good welcome message and a CTA or method of communication that leads to your website.

It’s no longer the same as it used to be with the huge amount of emails that you send and get ignored, perhaps one of the most important things that chatbots have added to marketing is effectiveness.


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