3 future problems will accompany the spread of the AI-based chatbot


So far, negative factors have not emerged for A.I Chatbot because A.I Technologies are not

Perfect but it’s still developing even though the chatbot isn’t popular. Also, this is because the Chatbot is considered a plug-in – not entirely a mainstay – which means that it has not been replaced by real existing functionality yet. However, starting next year (2020), the chatbot will be updated

Some problems by influencing and changing the mainstream in every industry.

At the moment, some countries with high technologies are preparing to set laws with the same

Relevance to A.I Chatbot. However, they do focus on ethical factors.

No one can easily predict the impact of the laws related to A.I Chatbot, because there have been no major problems or events yet.

Recently, several companies issued a notice that they will launch a new service

For A.I Chatbot to be able to replace existing posts. from scientifict side ,

If these chatbot services replace these existing human functions, social problems will arise. We will show it to you now:

1- Create an A.I Chatbot randomly

Some newspapers have already raised issues about this. Can chatbot certified

An AI that learns from false and bad knowledge has to make racist comment and intentionally display obscene content. Also, a lot of

Chatbots because there are no limits to creating them.

Although there are guidelines for A.I technology, it is

It does not have legal force. Therefore, it is not perfect as few countries are willing to make laws directly related to A.I Chatbot.

Also, if there are no restrictions on creating a chatbot, it will be created

Randomly, which means that people who use Facebook Messenger may get bored easily because a single chatbot has one identifier

In the statute.

Since this is the case, few messaging platform companies – such as FB Messenger – are preparing to solve these issues by responding to laws directly related to A.I Chatbot.

2- Conflict with current jobs

Starting next year, chatbots integrated with A.I technologies will practically threaten jobs


At the moment, most chatbots are simple, which is one of the tools

Incremental, which means it is not yet threatening in nature.

However, some social problems will arise, as alternative jobs will appear by


The tide of the times is already changing. There would be a lot of confusion if the jobs were to be replaced

Present without social concessions and discussions. Nobody can predict the results.

However, it is essential to consider these before the near future.

3- The impact of AI chatbots on the economy

This links to the above mentioned topics. If the existing posts are replaced by Chatbots A.I, it will break the economic cycle. This is because the consumer’s purchasing power will decrease due to the absence of their jobs.

A few years ago, popular academic journals and conferences raised a topic of conversation regarding


At the time, although it was an abstract discussion, a realistic discussion would take place

About them soon.

In the end

Improved technologies have long caused a lot of trouble, and have seen concessions and social discussions.

Since this is so, we are already faced with several advanced technologies.

The process of the Fourth Industrial Revolution will now be the same as it was in the past.

However, we must have more preparations than before because its speed is faster than ever Before.


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